Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One Does Not Have To Blog About Blogging To Create A Winning Blog

There is a huge misconception that one has to blog about blogging to create a winning blog or a blog  that brings in money.. In other words, people believe that blogs cannot be successful unless they are about blogging, social media or the usual affiliate marketing blah !



Just CLICK THIS LINK, and you will note the 50 most "successful blogs" that have bizarre categories.

I have been trying to regularly blog, since I quit as a full-time blogger about 3 years back. I now have time on my hands and I am back!! Beware…

My new year resolution and yet I could apply it only now... I have reasons as usual...

Must take time off to reach out to lost contacts as well.. important in bringing in traffic.

Besides, if one is NOT ACTIVE, that is a surefire formula for killing a daily blog.

Touche… you just touched a nerve – Yeah, I had reasons for laying off sometime..

Anyways, feels good to be back !!

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