Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Power Lifting Cushion Review

Many old and middle aged people find it difficult to lift their body once they have sat down. They require some sort of assistance to lift themselves from a sitting to a standing position. This could be because of anything such as weak arm strength, obesity or irregular weight in the upper and lower parts of the body. It is for such people that the Power Lifting Cushion comes as a big help as it helps these people to lift their whole body from a sitting to a standing position.

What is it?
The said cushion is a compact and portable electric power lifting cushion. It can be carried anywhere with the help of a fixed handle.

What does it do?

The Power Lifting Cushion is clearly the best solution for elderly people or people who experience difficulty in getting up from a chair/ couch or trying to sit on a chair/ couch. It slowly lifts the entire body safely when the power lever is pulled up thereby making getting up from a chair easy. The lever can be stopped in between positions according to the need. Similarly, a person sits on the cushion and the lever is pushed down from the highest point when the person wants to sit. As a result, the entire body is placed flat on the cushion. It is more advisable to use it on armchairs with handles.

Who are the users?

The Power Lifting Cushion is ideal for people who cannot rise from their seats on their own or who cannot sit on a chair without the help of someone. The reason for immobility may be due to various reasons like inadequate upper and lower body strength, weak arm strength, heavy obesity, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gerhig’s disease, degenerative joint disease or post operative conditions. Hence every time these people need to get up or sit down from their seats, they need not seek human help. By using this seat uplift assist, all it requires is just a pull of the lever and they can either stand or sit. It is best suited for any arm chair or couch.

Product Description
It weighs about 12 lb which is equivalent to just over 5 kg. The cushion is flat and steady and can lift a weight of about 136kg (300 lb). The seat depth is 480 mm and the seat width is 410 mm. The maximum height of the seat is 250 mm and minimum height of the seat is 60 mm. It has two detachable power levers which can be used either in the left or on the right side of the chair/ couch. These levers are either pulled up so as to rise from the seat, or pushed down to return to the sitting position.

It is a flat comfortable, cushion seat which is made up of high density polyurethane foam. It molds with the body contours and provides great comfort to the user. At every point of lift level, the seat remains flat ensuring stability and safety. The cushion is secure because of its non-slip texture. The power lifting cushion also has a removable cover which can be washed. The foam used in it is water resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The most notable feature is its built-in handle which makes it portable. A 12ft long detachable cord also comes with it and which is approved with UL and CSA power supply.

Price Range

The Power Lifting Cushion is priced at around $150 in the market and is easily available at Amazon. The affordable rate of the power lifting cushions is more attractive instead of investing high prices for the armchair incliner. It is worthwhile investment because of its advantages and the comfort level it provides. On a rating of 1 to 5, it is rated at around 3.5 stars in the market.

Where to buy it
The Power Lifting Cushion or Uplift Seat Assist is a product of Collins Care, mobility specialists. It is readily available product and can be purchased easily through online shopping sites such as Amazon.

My thoughts on the Power Lifting Cushion

I came to know about this product from a friend of mine who had purchased it for his father. Immediately, I got it for my mother who required assistance after her stroke. My mother was able to sit or stand without the assistance of a second person. It was a great relief and confidence to her as well as to all of us. However, I was initially a bit intrigued by the simplicity of the mechanism used in this product and its adaptability to any arm chair or couch. It has six weight settings, which can be adjusted according to the patient’s weight. The easy portability of this product is an added feature. In short, the Power Lifting Cushion is a fantastic product that is easily available in the market and which comes with maximum advantages. However, it is not advisable to use the Power Lifting Cushion on wheel chairs or couches with wheels and which does not have proper seating facilities.

I would recommend it as one of the best aids for those who need assistance with their sitting or standing. The Power Lifting Cushion not only helps them to be mobile, but also permits them to do most of their work by themselves.