Saturday, November 3, 2012

AppNeta Announces The Launch Of SpeedChecker

AppNeta, the top cloud-delivered service provider for performance management, recently announced the launch of SpeedChecker, a free and accurate internet speed testing tool. According to the officials from AppNeta, it is the only absolutely accurate, free, and continuous internet speed testing tool available in the market today.

SpeedChecker is powered by “AppNeta PathView Cloud network performance management service” that provides more intelligent and accurate approach towards testing the speed and performance of network connection.

AppNeta prides in providing the industry with a more lightweight and intelligent approach for continuously monitoring and measuring the performance of network connection so that end-users can have the confidence on the results, and resolve the performance problems more efficiently and quickly. AppNeta is a leading Information Technology performance management service provider, offering first cloud-delivered solutions for end-to-end, integrated visibility across applications and network connections.

Being a pioneering provider of cloud-delivered services for enhanced performance management, this new application is expected to guide the users with historical performance data whenever a performance problem arises. It can accurately and efficiently test the speed of internet connectivity from multiple sources, enhancing performance management and problem solving in an effective manner.

With network structures becoming more intricate, slow internet connections are becoming an increasingly painful problem across organizations. Often, end users fail to get the maximum performance and speed from internet service providers in lieu of what they are paying. With SpeedChecker, users can quickly and accurately test how effective and fast, the network connection is from the user’s computer, location, and network to independent multiple, high-speed targets.

The existing internet speed checking tools are too much dependent on end-to-end network latency, and hence, require several speed testing locations to run more effectively. However, SpeedChecker from AppNeta does not depend on network latency, and allows the end users to get more relevant and accurate results, which are not affected by the test location. The tool not only tells about how fast the internet connection is at any point of time, but also delivers;

• Ongoing internet speed checking tests for multiple sources for simple performance evaluation and verification

• Continuous monitoring of internet connectivity speed and performance

• Visual Performance Charts including important elements like latency, bandwidth capacity, utilized bandwidth, available bandwidth, and data loss.

SpeedChecker performs in the way of continuously sending out data packets from the client computer, at the rate of about 20 packets every minute. Once the data packets are sent, the tool then calculates how much time it takes for the data to reach target destination, and what time it takes for the data to bounce back from the destination computer to the client computer. With this new and effective tool, AppNeta aims at improving the performance and productivity without having to waste any time on slow internet connections.

Unlike other free internet speed testing tools in the market, SpeedChecker truly delivers accurate and easy solution to test the speed and performance of client internet connection.

Synergex International Corporation Announces Launch of KitaroDB 1.0, The Highly-Scalable, Fast and Efficient NoSQL Database

Synergex International Corporation, the top business application and technology solution provider recently announced the launch of KitaroDB 1.0, a free and highly-scalable NoSQL database that natively runs on .NET environments, WinRT, and Win32. It is an efficient and fast data store that can support intrusive keys and key-value pairs, and can be successfully used across diverse platforms in Microsoft.

Designed particularly to be used by C, C#, C++, HTML5, JavaScript, and VB developers, KitaroDB 1.0 is efficient in conducting ten thousand operations every second. Popularly known as Synergy ISAM or Synergy DBMS to the professional DBL developers, this robust and highly-scalable database system is successfully used by more than 1 million users and over thousand companies every day. From medical industry to the banking institutions, ERP solutions to timeshare and resort operations, KitaroDB is a highly efficient NoSQL database system that is running unobtrusively and successfully across end-users.

KitaroDB was launched in the year 1985, and since then, Synergex has continuously enhanced and updated the cross-platform database to release the latest KitaroDB 1.o version, which is more efficient, faster and highly scalable than its predecessor. The key features of Synergex KitaroDB are that it is;

• Proven and established commercial database

• Easy to use interface for C, C#, C++, VB, HTML5 and JavaScript developers

• Has 100 TB storage capacity

• Has synchronous and asynchronous operations

• Has large sector drive support and consumes less than 1 megabyte of memory resource

• Has superior flexibility with intrusive key database or key/value data store

• Has minimal overheads and can handle close to 10,000 operations every second.

KitaroDB 1.0 has APIs for .NET CLR and Win32, in addition to WinRT environment. For development, this database system requires Visual Studio 2010, or to be more specific, ‘Visual Studio 2010 C Runtime libraries and .NET Framework 4.0.’ Certain additional updates have also been made to the version, with the most important one being intrusive key support. Users and developers can now have 255 keys, defined particularly in any provided data file. The package also supports segmented keys.

According to the officials, the developers can use the database system for storing data in any format that fits best to any situation, use the key mechanism when a rigid structure applies, and use key-value pair capabilities to save data that is retrieved via web service. The full product is available for download online. There are plans for future launch of KitaroDB versions for Linux and several other platforms, specialized server edition, and support for data records larger than 64K.

With launch of KitaroDB 1.0, Synergex also introduced open source application powered by KitaroDB.

KitaroDB 1.0 will now allow the developers to incorporate local data storage for different applications that may be lost if internet connectivity fails. Moreover, the data store remains in the same format as they would expect, thus, delivering less coding and lesser errors, he added.

With more than 35 years of professional experience, Synergex International Corporation has driven business applications and commerce across the world with high-performance technology solutions.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cloudscaling Announces Delivery Of Its First Production-Grade Elastic Cloud Infrastructure System

Cloudscaling plans to unveil the new upgrade at OpenStack Summit to be held in San Diego this week.

As reported by the officials, OCS 2.0 will raise the bar of production-grade elastic cloud infrastructure, and will be accompanied by Cloudscaling’s leading 24/7 operational support. The new upgrade version will be the first-of-its-kind elastic cloud solution that will deliver superior performance, agility, and economic benefits of large public cloud providers, but will be only deployable in the datacenter of the client, under the control of the IT team.

In addition to thus, OCS 2.0 version is expected to be the first private cloud solution that will deliver cloud operation focused enhancements and complex IT management that will transform OpenStack from a mere component of technology to a complete sale-engineered, production-grade cloud infrastructure system.

Officials reported that key features of this latest OCS version include “on-demand compute, block storage, object storage, networking, scale-out edge, core, and block networking services, private to public cloud integration options, advanced security features, intelligent resource scheduling, cloud topology management, and modular hardware reference designs that speed time to deployment and increase reliability.”

OCS is considered to be the first elastic cloud solution that delivers the benefits of high-performance elastic public cloud in client’s datacenter. In addition to delivering the key benefits of an elastic public cloud system as a high-performance private cloud solution, OCS, for the first time, delivers the key federation capabilities that enable the clients to better manage dynamic cloud applications across supported public cloud services and private elastic cloud systems like GCE and AWS. The federation between public and private clouds will be managed more efficiently by the new version of OCS Cloud Application Manager.

OCS version 2.0 brings in new and innovative features and high performance production-grade capabilities that were earlier unavailable in the OpenStack-based cloud solutions. Officials reported that production grade refers to the ability of a cloud system to support operational environments that require critical cloud operations and high up-time features and is contrast to simple OpenStack deployments, which are better suited for development and testing.

The key features of production-grade cloud infrastructure are availability, performance, maintainability, and security.

Michael Grant, chief executive officer of Cloudscaling today said that companies wanted a private elastic cloud infrastructure that can not only be used for production but also had the support of an active open source community. They also wanted something that is low-risk with less capital investment. OCS 2.0 is the response to their requirements which will address all the customer needs through a single product.

Cloudscaling is a pioneering elastic cloud infrastructure company, offering scalable, reliable and production-grade Open Cloud System available to build elastic clouds.