Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hyundai Genesis - A Review

The October 2008 issue of Motor Trend sports an article about a test of the Hyundai Genesis 4.6, where it is tested against a Chrysler 300C, a Lexus GS 460, and a Mercedes E550.

It is a very interesting read in that it outdoes or compares very favorably in all the test categories. Perhaps most telling is the closing statement to the entire article.

Is the Genesis a knockoff?


The largest and most luxurious model Hyundai at present is the Hyundai Genesis, which is a large size sedan that competes to some extent with the Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5Series by price, although dimensions are closer to the segment next higher. The Hyundai Genesis will also compete for customers with cars like Lexus ES, Chrysler 300 and Cadillac CTS.

Truly it is the Hyundai Genesis against the world!

The Genesis' performance and luxury aspects are comparable to sedans costing tens of thousands of dollars more in the luxury market. In other words, Hyundai's strategy for hitting the luxury market competition, is to hit where it hurts.

Each item in this car is so carefully attended to so as to ensure that they stand apart - whether it is the gear levers, visors, cup holders or seat controls, it appears that they belong to a luxury sedan. The Genesis has a plush dashboard that would match Jaguars and its interior also highlights some sort of control interface that recalls much of the Audi MMI.

Since its launch in January 2008, it has sold over 20,000 units, a bombing that has caught by surprise. Hyundai was not expecting such a high figure from the new Hyundai Genesis. With the advent of Hyundai Genesis Hyundai has become on a par with German and Japanese brands.

Hyundai is applying the same price game plan that Lexus, Acura and Infiniti applied when they came out to compete with Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury cars. A part of their success was because they were cheaper back then than the others.

In the world of luxury, it is the brand that sells. It is in this market that the Hyundai Genesis has managed to position itself into a unique spot where it has started generating attention.

We at Genesis are developing our brand image and when you say Porsche, people understand "speed and performance". Likewise, when one says BMW, you understand that the car must handle well, and when they hear Rolls, it is generally understood that the car has luxury features.

At you’ll find owners of recent model Lexus, BMW and Infiniti vehicles and who have switched over to the Genesis.

Hyundai wants its new premium sedan Hyundai Genesis to be its brand image.

It is certain that the Hyundai Genesis would achieve its goal. With the Genesis, Hyundai has created a design generic that is recognizable and a brand image that is desirable.

Hyundai Genesis’ new adventure against the world has just begun, and it sure will be exciting.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

The Early Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms Checklist

Some of the common early signs of pregnancy include missed period, implantation bleeding, constipation, headaches, raised basal body temperature, bloating of abdomen, mood swings, faintness and dizziness. It may also include vomiting, nausea, feeling tired easily and fatigue, craving for certain foods not normally considered a favorite and frequent urination particularly during the night.

However, pregnancy symptoms may actually be different and that many of the earliest signs of pregnancy can appear similar to routine pre-menstrual discomforts. There is a possibility that you might think it is just your period coming on again, when actually you could be going through the early signs of pregnancy. It is to be noted that women experience a wide variety of physical and emotional changes during their pregnancy stages and that some of the earliest signs can be subtle and not obvious.

How To Confirm Whether You Are Pregnant

Well if you have any one or all of the early signs of pregnancy as mentioned above, and have also been having unprotected intercourse, then it is time you did a self-test.

Some of the women worry so much that it has a negative effect on their system. Stress can also easily make women miss a period or more. Besides, they are easily susceptible to feeling "pangs" of pregnancy when you really aren't pregnant. So, don’t panic but instead do some deep breathing exercises and try relaxing. Try and make an appointment with your gynecologist who will do an internal examination of the vagina, or do an urine test to check for hormones in the urine from the developing fetus. He may also do a blood test to find out if you are pregnant. You can also purchase a store-brought test and run a check yourself.

Now, if you don't have your period and your pregnancy tests are showing fake pregnancy results , it could definitely be due to stress. The tests could also come up negative if you work out a lot, or have an active lifestyle. It could also be due to the fact that your hormone levels just aren't up yet. Either way, you'll know when you are ready, so all you got to do is to give it some time.

In short, each case is a different one, so just be patient and don't work yourself up into a stress. Also see a doctor before you lose your mind wondering what's going on, and you can't get yourself to relax. Just remember that although the early signs of pregnancy may be similar for every woman, pregnancy symptoms may actually be different from one woman to another

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls - A Review

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is a great software from ParetoLogic that has most of the essential features to keep your privacy features under check and to help keep your computer, protected. It is powerful and provides complete shredding and elimination of confidential information.

In other words, it doesn’t allow your business to become public.

Most of us are aware that any person who has access to our computer can view our Internet activities and any of our files, including pictures, music, and video entries, both permanent and temporary.

The entire installation process of the ParetoLogic Privacy Controls application, takes about less than 4 minutes and there are no hiccups – it is smooth with very few keystrokes. The un-installation time is even less, it takes less than 3 minutes. Upon successful installation, the application creates two scheduled tasks – one of which is for a periodic check of updates, while the other is for regular unattended scanning.

It also has a built in safeguard, because erasure and permanent shredding of files requires caution. In other words, ParetoLogic Privacy Controls uses safeguards to assist you in verifying the items you select are in fact, unwanted. It classifies the unnecessary data files under various sections unlike its competitor, which just display the files that are to be deleted.

Its file shredder is another cool feature - it is a powerful tool that helps to completely shred and eliminate confidential information. This product will scan your computer for all of the files that are hiding deep in places that you would not think of, and it lets you decide if you want to get rid of them or not.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – system requirements

ParetoLogic recommends Pentium III or above processor with a minimum of 216 MB RAM, 20 MB HDD space, and an internet connection on Windows 2000 or later. The speed of the connection is not mentioned on the Product webpage but it can also be downloaded using a Dial-Up connection. The file size or the download is about 5.4 MB, and if you are using a broadband net connection, you should be able to download it within 5 minutes.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls - what it erases

It helps to thoroughly support and clean all files pertaining to Internet Explorer, VLC, Skype, DivX, Bit Torrent and it also erases all traces of browser activity generated by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, AOL, and Opera. As a matter of fact, it permanently erases all data pertaining to Instant Messaging and Voice Over Internet Protocol such as: AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Trillian, Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and GAIM. It also cleans files generated by popular P2P applications such as LimeWire, Azureus, Bit Torrent Client, uTorrent, Kazaa, and Morpheus. In addition, it deletes all traces of the computers desktop search applications that include Google Desktop Search, Windows Desktop Search, Yahoo Desktop Search, and AOL Desktop Search.

With regard to cleaning history items, it stands apart from the others and is a brilliant tool. It completely deletes the history of recently opened items generated in Microsoft Office applications and any unwanted items or customized settings pertaining to email applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, and PocoMail. It not only searches and finds any unwanted history items (even from third-party applications like Adobe Acrobat and Macromedia Flash Player), but also deletes them.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls - what it works best for

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls permanently erases all data related to your internet activity that includes history of websites visited, tracking cookies, credit card details, software passwords, banking ID's and other confidential information.

To go a step further I also found that this product uses the same technology that the Department of Defense uses to get rid of its files. Infact, their secure deletion meets and exceeds the standards specified by the U S Government Military. The Safe level makes use of the overwrite technology that advocates DoD 5220-22M specifications (the standard for permanent erasure of digital information as set by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls - benefits

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is consistent and unlike similar products, one of the best factors that stand out is it when it prompts accidental deletion of useful data. I was initially taken aback at the number of files that this application detected, and which I didn’t even know existed.

People are purchasing ParetoLogic Privacy Controls because it has the ability to erase items that are created automatically and are temporarily cached on your system freeing up hard drive space and improving computer performance.

Apart from having a wide range of coverage, it performs a scan and erase process for an extensive list of system and application categories and ensures that the computer’s privacy and confidential information is secure.

It also has an easy selection and erasure. That is to say, you can easily customize the scanning process, thereby getting a preview of items to be erased. In short, you can select an item and get a preview of what you are about to erase for verification purposes

The Co founder of ParetoLogic, Don Wharter, says in a press release that it is necessary to use the Privacy Cleaner even if you are intending to sell off your computer because there are ways by which the person who buys your computer can recover the leftover data to misuse it.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – cost factor

It is about 30 dollars, which is much lower than the other leading privacy protection software product - Evidence Eliminator. If you are going to spend your hard-earned bucks, you would want the best privacy cleaner. I personally feel that the Privacy Controls does a good a job, for a much lower cost. While ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is definitely well designed with a great interface and going for such a low price of $29.95, there are new similar products (not as good) being unleashed in the market and which are going for free. This would hurt the sales a bit, unless the company gives a free one month demo period, with 75% facilities.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – client / user comments

Some user comments are given below…

"The great thing about this software is that it deletes files from all sorts of third party applications that store your private information all over your computer for anyone else to find. It is a product that helps you get rid of all of the files and information that is on your computer that you would not want other people to see"

"After I ran it and rechecked my computer with my anti-spy / adware software, it found nothing"

"It is an excellent product. If you combine the Privacy Control Software with Pareto Logic's Reg cure, your computer would run lightning fast - try it out for yourself"

"This type of product is necessary because files never completely get off of your computer when you send them to the recycle bin, uninstall them, or clear out your internet history on your browser. Someone could use a data recovery program to easily find these files, where they could use the information against you, or worse, steal your identity".

"Simple and easy to use but at times a bit too simple".

"The only time when you have to be a bit careful is with while deleting. In other words, you just have to view the results of each scan before you delete".

"This utility is perfect for those who want to keep their privacy more private".

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – why it is a great product

To begin, the interface for ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is professional, simple and straightforward, and it does a good job cleaning your traces. It also supports and scans quite a number of areas. The program is far from cluttered, and has a variety of tools and features at-hand.

It supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista users and it ensures discreet use of application. Furthermore, it has got an advanced shredding option, a feature which makes the application more appropriate for all those looking for a complete privacy tool.

The product is regularly updated and the Privacy Controls software utilizes the most advanced functionality and captures data from newly released applications thereby always keeping you up to date. Another great factor is the technical support that you get – ParetoLogic is always there with should you have any questions or queries. The response time is 24, if not 48 hours.

If you want the best option - why don’t you try a free scan of your PC and discover where your private information is hiding

In short, users searching for a professional privacy trace eliminator would find ParetoLogic Privacy Controls very good.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Cash For Clunkers Program

Americans have been introduced to a new government rebate program called Cash for Clunkers that will offer cash vouchers to people who trade in their cars for the new more fuel efficient vehicles. This program was passed by Congress in June 2009 so as to help jump start the struggling auto sales and ofcourse to improve the environment.

The concept is rather straightforward - If you own a 1984 model or newer vehicle that has been insured and registered to you for the past one year and generates 18 mpg (miles per gallon) or less, then you qualify for the program. Ofcourse, the car must also be drivable. Now, if you trade this vehicle in for a car that gets an additional 4 mpg or more, you are presented a reward of $3,500 via a voucher. This voucher can be used while purchasing a new car. Furthermore, if you purchase an automobile that gets 10 mpg or more than your old car, then the government pays you $4,500.

Although the concept is good, people just can't seem to get through the obamanomics of things. The Obama administration is already telling lawmakers that the “cash-for-clunkers” program is running out of money. As the program was supposed to expire at the end of October, it appears to have run dry of the $1 billion allocated to it. For those interested on the program, check out

A lot of cars that the government is qualifying for a clunker are really good cars. Those who provide finance to people so as to buy cars could be hit, as the government has taken a lot of good cars out of the market and are hurting those people that cannot afford to buy a new car.

This here could be another unfortunate income redistribution program. It takes money away from taxpayers who have been driving fuel efficient cars and gives it to those who have been driving around in gas guzzlers for the past 20 years. Frugal, energy conscious people are being penalized. In other words, taxpayer money is being given to people to pay for their new car.

It is good, if you are bent on buying a brand new car and in which case, you will save money. However, the savings are nothing when compared to buying a used car. To be a bit more specific - new cars typically depreciate 20 to 30 percent in just the first year. By the third year, the car value is down by an average of about 45 percent! If the average sale price of a brand new car is around $28,000 and the average price of a used car is around $14,000, the savings achieved would be roughly $14,000 simply by letting somebody else buy a brand new vehicle!

The cash-for-clunkers program may be good in the long run, if it can in its own way, fit in with the alternative route of buying a second hand car of recent vintage.