Monday, August 31, 2009

Travel To Trinidad And Tobago

A lot of holiday makers travel to Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) every year.

These visitors have a lot of fun on the beach resort destinations of Tobago. One of the many reasons why Tobago still stands out from other beach resort vacation spots is, because of its largely untouched natural beauty, which makes it a nature lover's paradise.

Although, Tobago is pretty rustic, its beaches are gorgeous especially on the east end of the island. Most visitors prefer a bit of solitude during their beach resort vacation. If you are newly married, or trying to recreate your wedding anniversary then it is recommended that you try out the Bacolet Beach Club Resort. It was recently spruced up with modern design elements which make it stand out from the pack. Not that it is a big hotel, but its small size is one of the many facets that you would most like about it, apart from the privacy it provides. In short, there are spacey rooms with breathtaking views on the ocean. In short, the Bacolet Beach Club is solely a place to relax.

Things to know before your travel to Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is a place like all beach resort destinations where scam artists thrive. You are likely to get hit on your first taxi ride itself if you don’t negotiate the taxi fares upfront. If the driver is unlikely to accept the fares, then, move on to the next taxi.

Make a note that you cannot take a rental car from Trinidad to Tobago on the ferry even though they are the same country. If you want to hire a rental car on Tobago (which incidentally is highly recommended), then you have to rent it there.
Although you are allowed unlimited Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) dollars and foreign currency, this must be declared on entry assuming that you are a foreign national. Most people don’t declare how much TT dollars they are bringing into the country, as they only take in enough to get started (around 2,000TT) and use the ATM card when needed. If you have any left over TT, take them home to store up for the next trip!
As a bottom line, most people, despite their little complaints (aren’t we human after all!) are generally happy that they took the beach resort package. They meet up with some lovely people, see some of the most beautiful beach resorts in the Caribbean and most of all enjoy themselves.

So, if you can accept the above, in all likelihood, you would enjoy your beach resort vacation too. What are you waiting for?

Call your travel agent and plan your travel to Trinidad and Tobago today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Street legal golf carts

Street legal golf carts are a popular choice vehicle in today's world.

Only a few years ago golf carts were a common site on the course but nowhere else. New and used golf carts are gaining mainstream popularity for quick trips as more and more people go green and the carts are nowadays found on the streets as well. Today street legal golf carts are commonly known as NEVs (Neighborhood Friendly Vehicles) and provide a quick and enjoyable way for residents to get around their own community. Most of these laws relate to electrically powered equipment or NEV’s (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), so if you have a gas engine you will need to check with your local governing bodies

Many states allow golf carts to travel on roads legally as long as they fulfill certain safety requirements such as:

• The maximum seating capacity your cart or NEV should be four people
• The slow moving vehicle must not be capable of traveling in speeds that are more than thirty five miles per hour [35 mph]
• Each seat must have an approved seat belt
• It must come equipped with reflex reflectors, exterior mirrors, and an interior mirror.
• It must come with brakes, a windshield, and a vehicle identification number or VIN.
• It must have the manufacturer's certificate of origin as a low speed vehicle.
• The cart must not weight more then two thousand and two hundred pounds.
• The cart must come equipped with a headlight, front turn lamps, rear turn lamps, tail lamps, and stop lamps.

Before looking for golf carts for sale, it is often a good idea to have some thoughts on the specifications you are looking for so that you find an electric golf cart that best suits your needs. Depending upon the voltage of electric golf cart you purchase, you can even charge it in between uses during the night

All you will need in order to power your electric golf cart is a standard power outlet. The electric golf cart is so easy to charge, and the charging process is similar to that of the cellphones. Another important aspect of the street legal electric golf carts are that they are friendly to the environment and do not emit hazardous fumes. However, to ensure maximum performance and prolong the life of a golf cart, proper maintenance of the lead batteries that are used to power the electric motor is a good idea

Golf carts generally come in two options, gas or electric powered and the electric powered cart is about ten times cheaper than its gas counterpart, and also runs much quieter than a gas powered cart. Some golf carts are gas powered, but the majority that are sold today electric golf carts but one should ensure that the electric powered cart is charged prior to use so as to not run out of juice

Street legal golf carts are a great investment that will provide you with hours of affordable transportation indoors as well. The street legal golf carts can virtually be used anywhere, be it in a mall, recreational center or even an airport.

As an avid golfer, if you stand by the idea of green golfing and efficient transportation you should consider investing in an electric golf cart. People are saving fuel, saving the planet and having a little more fun by buying the electric golf cart as the whole family now gets to connect with the surroundings.

There are many kinds of electric golf carts currently available in the market and the market is now virtually flooded with different types of golf carts. A basic electric golf cart would cost around $700 and above and could cost anywhere between $700 to $6000. It is likely that you could get better deals, should you do you do your homework and search around a bit. There is the likelihood of getting cheaper and better deals if you buy used golf carts, which are as good as the new one. Take some time out, and do some research on Google and the internet, it is likely that you could come up with great deals for a golf cart

Make sure to note that roadworthy carts have to be outfitted with seat belts, windshields, turn signals and brake lights before they can legally tear up the asphalt. Standard features that come on a electric cart that can be used on the roads, include center storage baskets, dual halogen headlights, brake light and turn signals, power, suspension, seating capacity, windshield, seat belts, wood grain dash, a fold down windshield, a rear and front mirrors, turn signals, reflectors and an all-weather enclosure.

Bottomline - if you are going to purchase a electric golf cart from, make sure it complies with all the street laws.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ink Cartridges From LaserRib

LaserRib Pty. Ltd is an Australian owned company that specializes in providing laser cartridges, inkjet printers and other printer consumables and printer services.


LaserRib Pty. Ltd provides a wide variety of on-site laser printer services, inkjet printer services, copier services, fax machine services for both large and small companies and end-users. These on-site consumables and printer services are further strengthened by their service background, as well as their expertise in other support areas. Interestingly, the force behind LaserRib’s operations lies in their flexibility, speed, depth and breadth of their service capabilities and quality of service deliveries.

LaserRib’s main activities include the following;

  • manufacturing of laser cartridges, inkjet printers cartridges, copier cartridges and fax machine cartridges,
  • servicing of laser printers and inkjet printers, fax machines and copiers,
  • conducting routine preventative maintenance service as well as providing a full break down service, which are provided either on-site, or at the workshop.
LaserRib also supplies toner cartridges and laser cartridges for Canon, Hewlett Packard, Epson and Lexmark brand of printers and consumables.

They also provide new and compatible printer ribbons and other choice of compatible printer consumables at very competitive prices.

The company’s main objective seems to be in providing efficient, competitive and friendly service whilst also providing quality products.

The company is also totally committed to recycling, and, keeping in line with this philosophy, reuses whatever possible reusable items including packaging material.

In short, LaserRib portrays itself as a dynamic and growing company with a full inventory of laser cartridges, inkjet printers cartridges, copier cartridges, fax machine cartridges, in addition to specialty inkjet papers, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, multi function printers, multi function faxes, colour printers, mono printers and other computer needs.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Travelling Alone In Egypt.

This article is targeted towards those people who like to travel alone in Egypt.

Although, traveling alone in Egypt can be an extremely freeing experience, it can just about lose its charm after your third sunset dinner with the guide on the hotel’s veranda! Traveling alone can also be adventurous and exciting, if you know well that how to plan your journey and make proper arrangements keeping the safety in mind

But as this article ( points out, this region of the world gets an unfairly bad press - tarred with the stigma that comes with the polemics of the modern age. Contrary to popular belief, the Middle East is surprisingly diverse and although sensitive, welcomes visitors with warmth and pride.

This article ( ) highlights the importance for woman to dress conservatively at all times and also information / tips for women visiting Egypt, especially if traveling alone

Those interested in finding a breakdown on costs, while traveling alone in Egypt, can visit this link -

American women over 55 years and traveling alone, would enjoy sights that lead us to history of Egypt which we can share with other people. The complete article can be found at ( ). Those ladies visiting Egypt alone should also go over the page ( which gives you a detailed description for a traveler visiting Egypt for the first time.

Lastly, some tips for the traveler who plans in traveling alone ( ).

Those who still have questions, please visit this forum ( ) and exchange questions with other travelers, who can not only give you tips, but also sensible options and advise

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Travel Guide To Morocco

Morocco is magnificent country and one of the best traveling destinations of the world. Morocco occupies the northern part of the African continent and it shares the border with Algeria, Mauritania and Melilla and through strait of Gibraltar it is connected to European country Spain. The coastal areas of Morocco are connected with Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Notable pointers guide you to Morocco tour:

You can book your tickets through various airlines connecting Morocco with the outside world. Seasonal discounts can be grabbed from the advertisements on the airlines websites. Traveling in Morocco is cheap as compared to the other parts of the world. Train tickets can be booked easily on reasonable rates and for sightseeing buses and taxi are available on low rates.

You have to make the list of travelling destinations in Morocco before arriving in the country. Sahara desert occupies large part of the country and you can enjoy the camel rides on the sand of Sahara. You can see the sand dunes and oasis which are rare in most parts of the world. Villages in Morocco are center of attraction for the tourists as the people residing in the region follow different culture and traditions.

Marrakech city is the most popular and fabulous place to visit. The city is famous from the medieval period and was once the spectacular oasis in the desert. Nowadays development has taken place and the city has become the modern vibrant place to plan your trip. Sunset of Marrakech is quite beautiful attracting the large number of tourist from all over the world. You can see the glimpse of historic past in the museums of Marrakech.

Rabat is the capital city with large number of fine architecture mosques. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco with the dynamic life of the people. You can plan the sightseeing in Casablanca and can experience the rich culture heritage from the historical monuments and the museums. Medina is the religious place visited by large number of tourists.

Ourzazate is one of the best places of Morocco in terms of beautiful scenery and ancient culture. UNESCO has declared this place as world heritage center. Many film makers arrange for the shooting in Ourzazate for their movie. Fez is the old capital city with the glimpses of ancient culture. You can get the best accommodations in reasonable rates with good quality food and drinks.

There is no need to limit your budget when you are planning the Morocco tour. Travel Morocco and enjoy the vibrant tour.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blaming a recession for not winning

Most of us have been influenced by the current scenario, and in a way we are all caught in this huge web, struggling to get out of it

There are ambitions, desires and dreams and there are times when I feel most at peace when not thinking about it. My last six months have been quite horrible and the situation becomes even more difficult for someone who depends on his online income. However, there are also times when i feel that i am fortunate to reach where I am today.

Although winning is difficult, it is a quality that everyone must possess. In other words, we must have a definiteness of purpose, a clear vision and knowledge of what we want combined with a burning desire to possess this. Blaming a recession for not winning is a losing strategy

Every achievement obtained during this recession must be considered as a winning one. In fact, most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all

In other words, a difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose, a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve. With these qualities, there is no stopping us

We all have hopes and dreams and we all go through times in our lives when we come up with ideas of things that we would like to accomplish in life. It's a natural human tendency. But what happens when the years go by and those dreams never come to fruition? What happens when we find ourselves, years later, in a situation that's so far removed from our ideal that we can only think that we've somehow failed, that we haven't accomplished our life's desire?

It can be a very devastating experience.

Well, at 44, I sometimes lose hope that this dream will ever come true, and sometimes I would get upset at God for not helping me to make this happen. So this has been a great impediment in my living a full life. Sometimes I'm unable to be happy in the moment because of these unfulfilled dreams. It's those "why couldn't it have been?", "why didn't it happen for me?" times that rob me of my joy for today. And as much as I know and have read that real peace is internal, I also know for me, that the environment where I spend my time makes a difference.

I try to focus on the fact that I trust God to put me where I'm most effective, where I can do the most good, and where I can learn the most. Getting through the hard times has been much more beneficial to me in the long run than having an idyllic life would have been.

I've learned more about what I truly want out of life through painful experiences, than I have in times when everything's been fine.

Let your heart guide you - if it tells you to stay, that's where you're supposed to be, and make the most of it. If it tells you to go, then take the risk and make the most of that. If faith in the lord is part of your life, ask him for guidance, then listen for the answer and whatever that answer may be, follow it, for you will be taken care of.