Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Makes The New Base CRM Mobile Apps Different From Others ?

The Base CRM apps have become popular not only because of their productivity and flexibility, but also because of the intellectual factor that these apps bring in. The mobile device based customer relation management (CRM) applications from Base make sure that they provide only the most accurate outcome for the users.

Base is a Chicago-based (sic) company that was founded sometime in 2009 by Uzi Shmilovici. It is a cross platform CRM product that is geared towards small businesses. Base offers applications to the iPhone, Android phone, Windows and the Mac and allows businesses manage their sales and customers from wherever they are. They shortly plan to release tablet and Windows Phone 7.5 application. Base has so far raised closed to $7 million through Series B funding that consists of Index Ventures with Social + Capital Partnership, OCA Ventures and the I2A Fund.

What makes the Base CRM apps different is the fact that it has used the most modern web and mobile device technology to provide their services. Most of the traditional tools for customer relation management were developed years ago for the computers and the web use. However, with the rising use of mobile devices and internet in them, the old computer and browser based applications are finding it hard to match up with the expectations. This is why many companies prefer to use Base CRM apps as these tools are developed to work on multiple mobile devices with ease. These apps can be used from any mobile device and from anywhere.

Just like the apps for the smart phones, Base CRM apps are released recently for the Android tablets and iPad. The apps are developed to be more flexible and intelligent in terms of usability. Just like the phone apps, these tablet Base CRM apps come with a range of great services for the users. These apps offer easy methods to track and capture sales leads. The apps also show the sales leads in visual forms. The contacts of the device can be managed with more options like reminder and tasks. Sending emails or using Google apps is also possible with Base.

According to the Base blog, there is a distinct difference in the feature updates a mobile CRM provider makes when compared to a desktop or SaaS service. This is one of the reasons why more traditional players are having issues with the move to mobile. However, the Base CRM apps for mobile devices are designed differently than the ones that can be used in a desktop PC. This is the main reason why the Base CRM apps for the mobile devices have become more trusted than the other app developers. Another reason is that the traditional apps lack in ideas. According to the CRM and mobile app experts, it’s very disturbing and surprising that most of the large PC and web based developers of CRM apps have missed out on the point of required changes when providing services for mobile devices. It is here where the Base CRM apps win hands down.

A study of the traditional customer relation management apps shows that they lack the use of their developing code. They are stuck with the codes used at the time of the development of their apps. This makes it harder for them to cope up with the modern needs of the users, and that’s exactly where Base CRM apps make all the difference. Base CRM apps are designed for the users, keeping in mind what they need and how they use the apps with more command. Most of the apps in the market today are unable to make sure of that because they use complicated systems.

Base is also designing a community for the CRM apps developers, which is surely a great news for the future. CRM is getting a new meaning with Base.