Monday, June 30, 2008

The New Dirt Devil AccuCharge

Are you the type who hates to do house chores?

Well, for those ladies, who have a full time job and have kids at home, hating house chores is understandable. They have no time to do most of their personal chores, let alone the house chores

For me, there is no excuse, I am kinda lazy. There is no dinner to cook, kids to wash or change nappies, but yet I cringe at the thought of doing house chores

To make matters worse, I have a sensitive nose that blows off, when tackling dusty rooms – so guess I was just not made for housework!

However, there is an alternative - the vacuum cleaner – the benefits of technology

Now, the problem is what type of vacuum cleaner?

The heavy duty one, or the wireless one, that can go into every nook and corner and suck the dust out. The heavy ones are so difficult to haul around the house and take up the stairs. In most ways, the cordless one comes out tops. Not because it is powerful [infact, it is less powerful], but it is more handy. You don’t have a cord following you wherever you go and you can even use it to vacuum the car’s interiors. Moreover, the big guy also has high energy consumption

Alright, that’s enough promotional talk

It’s understood that I favor the little guy – now, any particular model?

Yes. The Dirt-Devil-AccuCharge-Stick-Vac, is quite an interesting choice. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner and it comes with a very easy to empty dirt cap. Besides, the Dirt Devil is currently offering 2 years warranty for parts and labor under normal household use.


Not only it's lightweight but it also but it is cordless and consumes only 70% less energy, making it the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Energy Star approval

So, start saving money and energy by getting the NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™ Stick Vac.

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

Friday, June 27, 2008

Writing Quality Web Content

Website-content is actually the most important part of a website or a direct marketing campaign.

In other words, would you design and submit a website to search engines or mail tons of letters costing thousands, as in a direct marketing campaign without testing the website or letter content first?

This is a common mistake that many website owners make, when they don't test and measure their own website content. Later, they spend thousands on marketing campaigns to drive traffic.

So at the start itself, make your small business look big on the world wide web. Design your web site using professional graphics, organized layouts, etc. By defining your website objective and later experimenting with copy, content, emotions, color and structure, it is possible to forecast what the response of your website conversion will be. In other words you can confidently predict how many people will do what you want them to do every month. Although it take a bit of work it certainly is possible.

Web Content

Basically, it all begins with the web content. Any website without original content is boring. It's easy to build a site and then fill it with the usual content and affiliate banners, but then where's the real quality?

It's content that makes a website interesting, and which encourages visitors to come back. The more original, quality content you produce, the better your website will be. The better your website content is, the easier it is to rank well in search engines, get new and returning visitors and, most importantly, refer sales.

Content, in fact is actually the hardest part for affiliates. In fact, even designing the site or deciding what niche to work on is far easier than generating original content. This is one of the reasons why people buy content from reputed article directories or obtain links to those articles, which have a high visitor ratio.

Now is there a specific method to content writing. In a way, once you have identified your objective, content is relatively research. Of course, this excludes any research and facts and figures. Basically, try and stick to the below methods.

Keeping it simple and straightforward

Focus on your product or service. Don't confuse your prospective buyers or visitors

A killer headline

It's the single most important part of your content or sales letter. If you are writing sales copy, try and spend at least some real-time on your headline than on the rest of the matter combined.

Your offer

Lead your customer through an exciting copy until you arrive at an irresistible offer. Start with an attractive benefit and reinforce with credibility. If necessary, try to reinforce with more benefit and more credibility.


Have at least one sub heading per page. 90% of your visitors will not read through your content, but will definitely scan your headline. Out of the balance 10%, a few of them will read your first paragraph and then scan your sub-headings. So it is important that you have a set of sub-headings that will explain to your visitors something about the site. On the other hand, if you have a sales site, try and add sub-headings that will intrigue your reader to read more, or return later or perhaps even place an order.


Every product, every company, every brand has some history. So it would be nice if you can write about the history of the niche as a whole. This section will take a lot of work to compile, but once done it would rarely need updating.


Visitors always want information to maximize their use of a product or service. If you have tips on about how to do something quicker, cheaper and better, then you can write an article about it and stick it up on your website. This provides a good method for cross selling. If there's a product that will help a user, then you can write about that product and provide your affiliate links so the user can buy it. The advantage of this section is that it doesn't take much to set up, plus there is no need for regular updates. The bonus is that you make money through affiliate marketing.

Triggering emotions

Reinforce emotions your customer is already feeling. You will never have a truly killer copy until you understand your customer’s emotions about your subject. Once you have identified a few of their emotional buy triggers, then expose that emotion and build on it.

Having an irresistible offer

Once again, you can triple or quadruple your sales by fine-tuning your offer to include more perceived value. Include something personalized (Like a consultation with an expert), something that they will get again and again (updates) all increase the perceived value of your product.

In short, give your customers buying incentives so they'll make repeat purchases. Offer them discounts, free gifts, bonus points, etc. Alternately, give your prospects extra incentives so they will order quicker. It could be free shipping, a faster shipping option, free gift-wrapping, etc. Work on these areas first, as they will make the most impact on your bottom line.


If you are a website owner and you have begun exchanging links, you know how time consuming it can be. After all, you know that getting links to your site is important because it brings in traffic, helps you find strategic partners, and enhances your Search Engine rankings. However, the category of ‘volume’ link partners, which are the fastest and least time-consuming, is fast losing its place. Search engines have now begun to prefer original content to links brought from link exchanges or from web owners who offer multiple-link packages.


Search Engines love, if you have articles in your website. They are constantly checking for fresh content and your job is to give it to them. Adding new articles as you write them is great because they are loaded with keyword content that relates to your website and helps improve your popularity with search engines. You'll get your article published all over the web if you submit your article to an e-zine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. They'll allow their visitors to republish your article.


Tell people about your site whenever you get a chance. Those people will tell other people and so on. It's a cheap way to multiply your advertising. Blogging is a great way to achieve this. Blogging is another way you can connect with your visitors, only that it is more personal. It becomes more like a two-way conversation, and you have the freedom to ‘almost’ write anything. To put it simply, blogging is good, as long as it remains within limits.

You can post news and updates and you don't have to write as much you would for a review but you do need to keep this section updated at least monthly, if not weekly. You can also post information about your site and its developments on your blog. Moreover, the content doesn't have to necessarily be related to the niche of your site. You could include info on your family, talk about a political satire or even about a recent holiday that you’ve taken. You can, if you want also add photographs – Basically it is personal and it's a good place for the person behind the website to step forward and show their human face. It helps your visitors identify with the 'man behind the machine'.

Blogs also allow visitors to post comments on certain posts you've made, so it is also a way that your visitors can respond directly with you too. Besides, you have to only post when you have something interesting to say.

Closing line

Unlike with a website, in a direct mail campaign the mailer knows, based on test mail-outs what to expect and therefore what his return on investment will be. They basically write and re-write until they have the content that gets the desired response.

But this is not so with web copy

With a website, you have done what the direct mailing marketer does, tested, experimented and then spent the money rather than following the theory that more visitors equals more sales.

As a closing line...

"When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people, you will be able to cope with your own issues more effectively"

In other words, try not to continuously proofread your copy or content, always asks someone else for his or her views. The easiest method is to either discuss your site at a forum or send it randomly to colleagues, and ask them, what they think of your web-content.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

So I Signed Up For Social Spark !

In January 2008, PayPerpost, renamed its parent company to IZEA . Since then they had launched a new social network called SocialSpark .

IZEA claims to have over 90,000 odd bloggers and over 10,000 odd advertisers. Now at least 50% of them are sure to create profiles and that is one helluva lot of people blogging. Ted Murphy, the CEO promises a lot and ensures to the advertisers that they will get their return and also he ensures that they would try and maintain that free-flow of user info.

The idea is cool and it is good, as long as Ted can pull it off – Where else can you get the option for the advertiser to interact with blogger in the blogosphere. It remains to be seen who else will come up with a similar plan. Until then it’s smooth sailing for Ted and the guys

I am quite sure that most of you by now have heard about it.

Yes, I did sign up for it – couldn’t resist the temptation. This in no way means that this is another promotional write up for Ted’s socio network

Let me confess something, I was lost initially, didn’t what the hell was going on, except for the fact that I kept on signing up new friends, which seemed quite okay. There were plenty of options but for me who prides in being a techno-geek, I just couldn’t figure it out... Duh!

But then, being a geek has its advantages. Finally when I did figure it out, I got this as my first post and to make matters worse I had to do it in an hour [as I got it late – not their problem]

But, I must confess that my blog has also shown an increase in traffic and quite a number of new blokes as friends from who knows where!

To sign up is bloody easy - You can sign up here - SocialSpark

Let’s wait and see – I have run out of the number of words, or else there is much more to write, except that it is

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

We like posts that have screen shots and detailed reviews.
For those keen on a screen shot, this is the best I could do, given the number of words

If you haven’t registered with SocialSpark, you better get moving.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Basic Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search-Engine-Optimization, SEO is not something new nowadays. Basically, if you want your online business to be successful, it's a good idea to optimize your site on a regular basis to make sure it's got a good position in the Web's top search engines.

However, in order to maintain your page-rank, you have to keep on top of what's happening in the rapidly changing search engine industry. The rules that affected your page rank yesterday may be meaningless tomorrow!

With the rapid growth of the Internet, it is no doubt why search-engine-optimization has become one of the hottest topics within Internet or affiliate-marketing. The amount of daily search-engine traffic is staggering, and profitable to those to take advantage of it. For an individual or company who is thinking of marketing their products or services online, the Internet can be a virtually limitless gold mine of potential customers at a relatively very low acquisition cost.

However, to reach these customers you will need to position yourself on those same search engines that so many people are using daily looking for your services or products. When queried, a search engine will reveal all of the web sites that it has in its database about a particular subject or product. If your website happens to fall into the requested search category, this is called your web site or page ranking. However, usually only the first few (top 10) ranked websites get to reap the sweet fruit of profit and victory over their competition.

However, the search engine industry is continually evolving.

You need to know which of the major "players" is powering the smaller search engines if you want to know where you should focus your optimization efforts.

Not only do you want to get more traffic, you want to get more unique traffic! In order to achieve this, you need to create multiple streams of traffic for your site. Settling for one source of traffic is simply not enough for most small to mid-size sites, or home-based business sites.

Considering the competition most people experience with Search engines, not to mention the ever-increasing trend towards ‘pay for inclusion’ with the major search engines, it can be a real challenge to get decent traffic from Search engines.

Your web site could be anywhere between 1 to 1000 on a particular search engine for a particular search term or keyword. Some search engines will reveal thousands of web pages on a search topic, but when a web site is developed with search engine rankings in mind and the goal to appear in the first few results of certain search keywords, it is called search engine optimization or (SEO).

Some company specialize in SEO and offer their services for optimizing your website with a guarantee of producing top rankings for your keywords in the major search engines. For the past couple of years, the major search engines have been preparing to square off against each other and battle it out for the industry's top spot.

Google is still extremely powerful with Yahoo! a close runner-up and MSN still a distant but threatening third.

However Google and Yahoo! power many of the smaller search engines plus some paid listings.

You need to be aware of these changes if you want to gear your optimization efforts toward the engines that will send you as much traffic as possible.

Of course, you also need to keep tabs on changes to the search engines themselves!
Before you can actually begin to start optimizing a web site, you must understand how search engines and their spiders or robots work. This information will give you a head start on the process of building an optimized web site.

Almost daily, we meet web designers that do not truly understand the function of search engines. This usually results in poorly developed web sites in regards to search engine placement that usually disappear among the millions of websites on the Internet, never to be seen by people that do not know the owners. Sure, anyone can build a web site with a little practice. However, knowing how search engines work and building a web site that meets their ever-changing ranking criteria and achieves top ranking results for relevant search terms is quite different.

There presently exist two types of major search engines, robot or spider indexed and human indexed. It is important to understand the differences between the two because the way they index pages will dramatically affect your sites position within them.

The main idea of web site optimization is about getting ranked on search engines. So, it has nothing to do with how fancy your web site looks or getting ranked in the last few pages. This is where the page rank plays an important part for which seo is an important criteria.

Obviously it is important to have a practical and easy navigation system and favorable looks, so that you can maintain the visitors you receive form the search engines, but those all come to play after the page rank. After all, no rankings, no new visitors. About 95% of the search engines on the Internet are self-indexing or spider robot indexed. The other 5% are human indexed and are usually referred to as directories.

At this point, the important point to learn is that human indexed search engines cannot be manipulated and optimized for, as freely as a spider index search engine can. You cannot optimize your web site for human indexed search engines in the same way that you would for a spider index one. The good news is that with the advancements in the robot indexed search engines and their algorithms, they are getting closer and closer to human indexed search engines.

Search engines can only display what was fed to them from an information standpoint. How this information is ‘fed’ to the search engine is where some of the major differences come into play. One used to be in total control of what search engines index form their website, but with the ever growing search engine robots, that is almost an improper statement. Nowadays, one needs to develop a website presuming the search engines can see each and every single section of it and will take everything they see into account when they are ranking the website.

Search engines will simply keep on producing traffic forever once your site has been indexed. The problem is getting a good placement (first page) on good keywords and gets lots of searches. This is not always easy, especially if you are in a competitive field. Even if you have a poor search engine placement, you will still get some traffic, however, a poor placement will result in very poor traffic flow.

Search engines frequently change the algorithms they use for page ranks and for ranking sites. They don't want unscrupulous site owners manipulating their indexing methods in order to get high rankings. By doing so, they damage the integrity of free search!

As soon as the search engines become aware of a trick being used by "search engine spammers" to boost their site ranking, they figure out a way to catch them. So be careful! You don't want to catch yourself employing a "great strategy" promoted by a marketing affiliater or "expert," only to find out it's a tactic the search engines hate! That could get you booted off their listings in no time flat.

The truth is, the site probably is located on most of the search engines that the URL was sent to, through the submission software. However the problem is that the pages are ranked so poorly that even the inquisitive eye of the owner cant finds them. Most of the time, a search for any particular topic will result in at least a few thousand responses, many of which are actually ranking at the top since they are optimized, not just by luck.

Most web surfers will not look past the first page of search results, sometimes even the first half of the first page. Nobody is going to sit there and view hundreds of pages deep into a search just to find a website providing the service or product one is looking for. Regardless of how poorly the site has been optimized, the domain name (URL) will be indexed in most search engines. Because of URL indexing, many people think their site is going to rank well also, which is not a true statement.

In almost every case, search engines will be able to return a web site address when asked. This means that if you were to go to a major search engine and type in your site name, you will probably see it right on top of that search engines results. Because of this, many people think that their site has achieved great search engine ranking.

After all, it’s number one! But this is not the case. Don’t be deceived by this type of search engine response. If you ask a search engine to show you the web site that belongs to any site name, it should definitely not have any problems in returning the favor. However Search engines categorize sites based on keywords, and visitors search for websites using keywords not the website URL. In fact, if a visitor knew wanted to know about a particular URL, they would type it in their browser address bar, rather than the query box of a search engine.

Bottom line, most search engines will be able to return the correct URL address for any web site if asked to, provided the website was indexed by them. This does not mean that the site is ranking well. I often see site owners and web site builders try to use this example proving their already great presence and implying that not too much work is needed from our firm to get them better results, since they are "already ranking". They will say oh yes, we are ranked - number one in fact! They will go to and in the search box they will type in their URL address and try to use it as proof to their statement.

These days, fortunately Google has started paying attention to more than just what is on the website being indexed

Once again, if someone searches for your domain name, it should pop right up on most search engines. In fact, if this does not happen, that means your Internet presence has some fundamental deficiencies

To be successfully ranked on a search engine means your web site must achieve a favorable position over others based on a scale such as the keyword used for the search.

To achieve top ranking is to be at the very top of the search engine results page or SERP for a search term, above all other competitors. In order to do this, you must compare your position to theirs on a search term specific to your industry. A term that hundreds if not thousands are using on a daily basis to find what you offer on your website or through your website. You can't search for your own domain name or URL, and take it as being ranked well. You are the only one with that domain name; of course you would be ranking for that if you were in the index.

Lastly – how important are the smaller search engines?

There are many benefits to the smaller search engines, but the most significant are that you get indexed more quickly, have fewer competitors, and can generate a solid amount of traffic for you. The huge engines (Google, Lycos, inktomi) and indices (Yahoo, DMOZ) can take weeks to add your site, if ever, and always put your site against 1000’s of others.

While there is no guarantee that you will be included in a smaller search engine, you will be spidered’ much more quickly. And while they may not have gargantuan amount of searches a day, there is no difference between 1000 visitors coming from 1 source (say Google) and 1000 visitors coming from 5 sources (200 from each of several smaller engines). An additional benefit of the smaller search engines is that some (not all) have agreements with the main engines so that their content is spidered by the main engines - in essence giving the webmaster a ‘backdoor’ into the main engines.

Mentioned is a good link – it basically covers most aspects which are essential for Search Engine Optimization. There are more links, but this should suffice

As mentioned earlier, the search engine industry is continually evolving and it is difficult to put the entire process into one article. It would take a couple of pages to go about each phase and for those interested in hard-core SEO, it is better to get hold of a book or a much more detailed article source.

So, basically, just use the above to get a brief idea on how and where you should focus your efforts on search engine optimization.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Show Must Go On - Media And Journalism

There seems to be a common misperception about TV newsreaders.

In fact, there are two.

The general public seem to think they're the thing, the be all and end all.

However, in the industry they're the butt of everyone's jokes and teased for being 'just a pretty face' [off the record]

But then........ is that or isn't that true ?

To put this in detail, you ought to visit this url :

It just indicates how much the image level has an influence on the viewer's mind. Sometimes, he has to put sticky-pads on the bottom so as to focus his interests elsewhere. Thanks to the stock-market ticker running down below... it reduces the image influence a lot...

Please note I have no links to that website and like all others, it is just another site expressing itself.

Besides, am just starting on this blog, and perhaps may be a bit too harsh on opinions....

Ofcourse, then there are exceptions.....

So apologies, if any of you feel criticised for being overly stiff, unduly self-conscious, rude, giggly, just a pretty face, explicit, sexy [now that' a thought], ofcourse not probing enough, and trying to make cheeky and absolute infantile questions etc....

But then the show must go on...

It may sound cliched, but I am given to understand that newsreading's not as easy as it seems [now isn't that a thought] and while my tendencies are more off-screen, its certainly useful to know what's going through the news-readers mind.. What do you say ?

Infact, there are also many newsreaders available throughout the Internet.

To know which ones are available to gain access to newsgroups and Usenet, one may simple visit, a website that provides information about newsreaders, giving recommendations as to which ones are good for getting updated using newsgroups.

For news aggregators, one may visit to see which programs allow users to get feeds.

Newsreaders are definitely great tools to keep people in the know. The convenience and efficiency they provide make it appear as if news is delivered directly to you.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Freelancing / Blogging Job Links

In addition to monetizing your own blog with advertising spots, paid reviews, affiliate marketing, freelance jobs etc., there are many opportunities on the Net for getting paid to blog and other freelance jobs.

Helium - Where publishers and freelancers meet. At Helium’s Marketplace, publishers post the titles they need articles for right now. "Publishers are paying from $20 to $200 for each selected article"

B5 Media
"They normally post their job openings for bloggers at ProBlogger"

Lists a number of blogging opportunities on it’s site.

Associated Content
Associated Content invites everyone to contribute original video, text, audio and images on any topic to gain exposure and earn cash. AC offers upfront payments for some content submissions as well as a monthly Performance Bonus payment for all of your original content.

Write articles on any of a vast array of topics, including product reviews, “how to” guides, holiday reviews, essays and much more. If approved by WiseOrb editors, Wise Orb will publish your article on this site, and pay you according to how popular the article is. You can write about whatever you like, as long as the article adheres to WiseOrb terms and conditions.

Constant Content
Website that sells original content for your websites, blogs, newsletters, etc. Writers can submit articles on many topics and once approved, it is available for sale. Clients can also request custom articles from writers. You can sell the articles by usage or exclusively to one client. With Constant Content, you are paid for sales, rather than paid by article.

Career blogging listings.

Defense Talk
Get Paid to Write About World Militaries and World Military Weapons. For articles that are accepted, you get paid $25-$35In addition, you can bid on writing projects at all of the freelance boards listed below

The largest online freelance site. Large freelance writing section

Probably the second largest coding freelance site. Focused on programming but there are technical writing jobs there to be had.

This site has the lowest costs but it doesn’t have some of the features of Elance and Rentacoder. You can find some writing gigs here but it is focused more on coding/ programming.
Another reasonably good freelancing site

A very large outsourcing site with plenty of writing jobs.

Contracted Work
A medium sized contracting site

A medium sized contracting site
Freelance IT jobs. lists many jobs and projects open to UK freelancers, however clients from across the globe use regularly to source freelancers outside of the UK.


Freelance Jobsearch


Freelance Jobs

In addition to the above sites, you can go to any of the search engines and using the search feature, type in [blogging or writing jobs] to find the writing and blogging jobs available.

Monday, June 2, 2008

How To Supercharge Your PTR Earnings

Came across this a few days ago and thought and it appeared comfy

Of course, you don't have to purchase anything, you get paid for just looking at the ads. (The marketers do get good results and that's they keep spending their ad-money at the popular PTR programs.)

For example, my good friend Tushar Sheth made $1,604.98 without spending a dime from just 3 such programs (you can join over 20).

And now he has finally revealed his strategies how he does it through his popular (MLP) System.

Here's what I recommend that you do immediately if you really want to take some definitive action to shake things up and cause some major positive changes in your monthly online revenues:

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Watch Tushar's "$1,604.98 Video" where he logs into his own personal accounts and shows you how much extra money can be made from PTR programs without spending a dime:


(His private video has become extremely popular and his server is getting hammered with numerous requests to watch it at the same time, so if you can't see the video immediately then try again later.)


Step 2: Join MLP
After watching the video, immediately signup and become an MLP Member from his website. You will then be able to discover the names of those programs that are making payments to hundreds of his members regularly every month.

You can also use those programs to promote your own website and /or affiliate products to thousands of other PTR users (it is still quite an unknown marketing strategy, but the news are spreading fast -- so you better hurry!)

Oh, and you will also discover his secret PTR strategies and get his power tools that he shares with MLP Members only -- that will help you increase your monthly PTR earnings at a rapid pace.

You can always choose to use your earnings to cash-out or to promote your own or affiliate websites to other PTR users for even higher profits.

Step 3: Become Tushar's Exclusive Partner
As his exclusive partner, Tushar will pay you $25.00 per member that you refer to MLP.

And he will also share some exclusive power-tracking tools and step-by-step bootcamp training to help you get at least 5 referrals in just 10 days even if you are a "newbie" in affiliate marketing.

(I bet you haven't ever seen the power tools that he will give you anywhere on the net before!)

Expect to make more from his private state-of-the-art partnership program than you have ever made from any other normal affiliate program!

Entry into his partnership program is by invitation only, but you can get in if you become an MLP Member today. Instructions on how to create your MLP Affiliate Partner account will be sent to you immediately on becoming an MLP Member.

Anyway, here's to your success,



I strongly recommend watching the entire "$1,604.98 Video" immediately and completing the other 2 steps outlined above if you really want to increase your monthly online revenues in 2008 starting immediately from this month: