Monday, May 2, 2011

Ways To Save Money On Electric Bills

Everyone is frequently searching for ways and means to save on electric bills.

Compiled below are a list of tried and tested methods that can not only help you save on your electric bills but also start thinking green.

The first step would be to contact your electric company and request them to come over and do maintenance of your electric meter. In all likelihood, you would be amazed at what this step could achieve to save money on your electric bill. By ensuring that your power meter is working properly can save you over $100 every year.

The next step is to ascertain the areas which of the appliances consume the most power. Since the price of power is on the rise, it is time that you reviewed your energy usage and saved some money on your electric bill.

It would be a good idea hanging your clothes out to dry as clothes dryers use as much electricity as refrigerators do. They will smell better too and you can also get some exercise by doing so. Statistics say that by hanging out your laundry could save you as much as $50 per year. During the winter months, you could put a few clothes-lines in your basement and with the heater / wood furnace on, your clothes would be dry in a few hours.

While using your washing machine, try not to use hot water, but instead use cold water.

Also while using your dishwasher try and run the dishwasher on full load and avoid using the heated dry cycle as most dishes will dry from the latent heat that remains inside the dishwasher.

During summer season, it is advised to shower using slightly cooler water than using the heater. It will help you cool down and feel more fresh.

As refrigerators are always on, an old refrigerator could consume up to double the amount of energy when compared to the new energy saving models. This would mean savings up to over $100 every year. The new energy saving models considerably help you save money on your electric bills.

Another area that is a very important savings source is the new energy efficient light bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Although they may be a little more expensive (about $10), when you get to see the money saved on electric bills, it is worth the investment. CFLs use about 30% less electricity than conventional bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer.

The next area to look for is wastefulness. Switching the television and lights off while leaving a room is a start. Switching off your computer and internet when no one is using it is also another area.

Using products that have the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star rating will help you meet the strict energy saving standards. Using them will not only lower your energy consumption but also save on your electric bills.