Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TELUS Launches its Largest 4G LTE Wireless Network in Saint John

TELUS, the leading provider of national telecommunications services in Canada, recently announced that it is expanding its services on the country’s largest 4G LTE network to reach the customers in Saint John. With this launch, Saint John becomes the home to the leading and fastest wireless technology solution in the world. The expansion of the company’s 4G Long Term Evolution will enable the consumers of Atlantic Canada to experience remarkably faster downloads while surfing the internet, downloading the chart-topping music or videos, or reading emails. This is expected to enhance Saint John’s experience of high-speed wireless technology.

With this new launch of its 4G LTE technology in Saint John, TELUS now holds almost 70 percent of the total population in Canada. Of late, the company has successfully launched and marketed its advanced 4G LTE network in other important Atlantic regions such as Charlottetown, St. John’s, Halifax, and Moncton. Customers can seamlessly download TELUS Network Experience (TNE) application through app stores for free on advanced 4G devices that include iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. TNE will also be available for Blackberry Z10 devices in the months to follow, reported TELUS.

Of late, 4G LTE is fast emerging as the international standard in wireless technology industry, with latest advanced devices being specifically built to benefit from its incredible speed. The customers of TELUS can experience comprehensive capabilities of its 4G LTE network on most popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy S III, Blackberry Z10, Samsung Rugby LTE, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, HTC One X+, LG Optimus G, Samsung ATIV S, and the Huawei E397 4G LTE Mobile Internet Key.

The TELUS 4G LTE network efficiently supports peak download speed of up to 75 megabits per seconds, with an average of 12 to 25 Mbps. This means that a 600MB video will take only three to seven minutes to download on 4G LTE-capable device. When the customer of TELUS travels outside the coverage areas of 4G LTE network, they will automatically move to the existing 4G HSPA network with no service disruptions. 4G LTE is the latest innovation in TELUS’ wireless network technology portfolio, which was made possible by the launch f coast-to-coast 4G HSPA wireless network service. Today, it has a reach of more than 97 percent of total Canadian population. Ever since 2000, the company has invested $30 billion to deliver the world’s most advanced wireless networks to the Canadians.

As remarked by Ken Power, director of sales, TELUS, more than 24 million Canadian consumers in thriving communities such as Saint John are now covered by the world’s fastest 4G LTE wireless network. To enhance their wireless experience, the company also launched TELUS Network Experience application that will provide an easier way to the customers to instantly report any network issues right from the mobile device.

TELUS the leading provider of national telecommunications services in Canada and the largest provider of world’s fastest 4G LTE wireless technology network. The products and services of TELUS include wireless, Internet Protocol, voice, data, entertainment, television, and video.