Saturday, November 10, 2007 they pride on their selection… is a really cool site, users can submit storys, other users digg storys, storys that get dug 40 time get promoted to the front page, Which means big amounts of traffic!

So, sign up and digg stories, my stories, and post your story link on this thread, and I and other diggers will digg it
Yeah, is cool, but just remember to not to treat dig as a traffic generating site –

Just get into it, go over stories daily, and you will develop a liking for it not to mention the immense info you get through social networking. Besides, you would also updated regularly with THE latest news from fellow diggers.. remember, they pride on their selection…

So more than dig, it is these guys who’ll flag you, if you cut loose.

So as a closing line, don’t overdo it and get knocked off for spamming.