Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Salon Marketing As A Career

Being a marketing man, I have been approached by people sometimes with bizarre queries – in other words, anything related to marketing is directly passed on to my email with a query – can you tell or write me a few words on this subject

One of those subjects was salon marketing. Recently one of my friends, who owns a beauty salon, asked me about the best marketing practices that she can apply for marketing her salon

Although, I have been in marketing for sometime, every time such a question comes up, I am forced to re-strategize from scratch. The question becomes even more difficult when it comes to small businesses.

So here was a new opportunity for me that I could not only advise but get involved as well. It was exciting as well as rewarding financially.

Initially, I thought, how different can it be from mainstream marketing – the fundamentals ought to be the same. Just a difference in approach and organizing. I was right, for the technicalities however, I needed the services of a lady friend, who splurges a huge amount in salons and beauty spas.

She was the ideal specimen

She was in fact more than a help – it is funny the level of know-how the average visitor to the salon or a spa has. With their third visit, they are familiar with most of the techniques and processes involved

And as a final word, I would like to share with you some interesting aspects worth noting with regard to salon and day spa marketing. Obviously there are a lot of important aspects to tell, when it comes to salon marketing, and it is important that these aspects or guidelines be followed. On the other hand, it is important that you develop your own unique style, that is easily recognizable by others

Secondly, always pay attention to your customers and make them feel special. You can do this by linking a complimentary business. In other words, if you have a complementary business such as hair and nail salon, or a fitness center or even a restaurant, link those with your spa or salon and it will help you in increasing number of clients.

So, go on and get started with your new salon marketing business opportunity

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Salon Marketing And Industry Statistics

The “spa” or “salon marketing” as a concept is a relatively new form of business that was introduced sometime back. The spa market is expected to have good growth potential and business opportunity prospects for US cosmetics and beauty goods companies.

Beauty salons are personal service businesses that provide cosmetic or other treatments for men and women. A beauty salon, which is often different from a hair salon, focuses generally on face and body treatments, primarily for women, although men’s salons and the men's beauty salon market is slowly increasing.

It is to be noted that almost 50% of beauty salon workers are self-employed, in other words, booth renters, in local terminology. That is to say, most outlets are small stores and a significant percentage of workers work out of their homes or rent space from salons. However, employee turnover in the industry can be as high as 40%. Additionally, the cosmetics market is a highly competitive market in the US, although US manufacturers of cosmetics should keep an eye on the foreign markets so as to cope up with international demand.

More details, demographics and a sample business plan can be obtained from visiting the below link –

Market Structure

The information and sources for the salon and spa marketing data have been taken from the US Census, US Department of Commerce, Company and industry websites and the research-wiki site.

According to the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, published by the U.S. Department of Labor, it shows cosmetology as a steadily growing occupation in the U.S. through 2005. However, the Department of Labor also shows Nail Technicians as one of the 11 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. and cosmetologists as number 37 in the top 100 occupations.

Beauty salons average

* 5 stations, with 3 full-time and
* part-time workers.

The industry has seen steady growth since 2000:

* Salons average about 150 weekly visits
* Since 2000, the number of salon workers rose 26%
* Since 2000, the total number of salons is up about 6%
* Almost over 580,000 positions were filled in the year 2002
* Out of this, the experienced workers comprised 75% of the new employment hires and those with less than one year’s experience comprised of the balance 25% of new hires.

Industry statistics:

* 20% of salons are hair salons
* 60% of salons are full-service
* 5% of salons are nail salons (13% of industry workers are manicurists)
* 5% of salons are barber shops
* Average income is close to the U.S. family income average - about US $40,000

Worker segmentation

* 60% of workers are full time
* 30% of workers are part time (< 40 hour workweek)
* 10% are occasional workers (cleaning, etc.)

On an average month, Google reports that approximately

* 200,000 people search online for "beauty salon" in the UK and about 675,000 in the USA
* 200,000 people search for "hair salon" in the UK, 1,225,000 in the USA
* 2,750,000 people search for "spa" in the UK, and about 7,500,000 in the USA

More details, demographics and a sample business plan can be obtained from visiting the below link –

So, if you don’t have a good marketing plan, you could lose a lot of salon marketing and spa marketing business and you would not even realize it

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

When traveling alone, women are more likely to become victims of violence than are men, so it is important to know how to stay safe. This doesn't mean that women need a male escort in order to travel alone; it simply means that you must be smart about where you go and what you do. Here are a few safety tips for women traveling alone.

Schedule Stops for Gas
When you are traveling alone by car, it is best to plan your route before you ever leave home. It can be dangerous to find yourself in the middle of an all-but-abandoned town and need to stop for gas. Although you can be assaulted or otherwise victimized at any time of day, in any area of the world, you'll be much better off stopping for gas at a lighted convenient store where many people are around. Carry an extra container of gas in your trunk just in case you have an emergency.

Keep the Doors Locked
Also, when traveling alone by car, you should keep your doors locked regardless of our location. The incidence of car jackings continues to rise, and if you stop at a light or a stop sign, an unlocked door is as good as an invitation. Although this isn't foolproof, it will greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of carjacking.

Don't Tell Strangers Where You're Staying
Regardless of how nice the guy sitting next to you on the plane might seem, you should never disclose the place in which you will be staying, whether it be a hotel room or a relative's home. If you are asked, politely decline to answer, or tell the other person that you haven't finalized your arrangements yet.

Be Vigilant on Your Way to Your Hotel Room
When staying in a hotel, be on the lookout for anyone who seems to be following you to your room. If this might be the case, walk right past your room and find the nearest exit. You can have a member of hotel management escort you to your room if you are worried. Once you've opened the door, it is easy for a would-be predator to force his way in behind you, leaving you at his mercy. Be careful, as well, when leaving your room for ice or the vending machines. Just be aware of your surroundings.

Plan Your Itinerary
Before you go on vacation or on a business trip, have every step of your itinerary planned. Know where you'll be staying, how you'll rent a car and when you'll need to arrive at meetings. Arrange in advance for a rental car and make sure that you have back-up options should anything go wrong. One of the most dangerous aspects of traveling alone is the possibility for sudden changes or to become stranded.

Pack Light
Another opportunity for a would-be predator occurs when you have too much baggage. Only pack what you can easily carry on your own, and never overload yourself. In all situations, you'll need to be able to move quickly and agilely to avoid potential threats.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is your opinion on Salon Marketing?

What is your inner opinion about yourself and how do you feel you would fit into the scheme of things with salon marketing?

Let’s examine a few points…

* How and what do you feel about your being involved in the beauty and salon profession?
* Why did you have to choose beauty in the first place?
* Is there any particular reason for choosing salon marketing or you felt it was a profit making venture?
* What is it that makes your spa and salon unique from the rest?
* Where do you see yourself this time next year?
* How do clients see and perceive you?
* What is your outstanding quality that makes you recognized by others?

Now for some technical queries...

* What are the biggest misconceptions about hair care, hair color, skin care and spa treatments?
* What is your personal opinion of the beauty and salon market?
* What are the customer reactions towards nail care etc (just pick your area of expertise)
* What are the ‘5 Top Misconceptions’ with regard to beauty and spa marketing?
* Are you aware of the trends that drive the beauty and salon markets?
* Do you have any interesting facts about the beauty industry in the US?
* Do you have access to any of the statistics pertaining to the fastest growing and most popular trends in the beauty industry?

Remember, you need to become more of a ‘total authority’ on this subject and the industry as a whole in which you do business

Your world is expanding, and you are now involved in educating the media about this profession... not just about your salon or spa.

It is very impressive and credible when you are able to put your own business ‘intelligently in context’ with the rest of the world.

For example, you should be in a position to discuss and highlight the following;

* How has the economy affected your salon or spa?
* How has it affected others in the area?
* How has it affected others in the region and in the country?
* Have you revised anything about your salon to accommodate clients in this tough economy (services, hours, prices)?
* What can clients anticipate as some ‘new services of the future’? (The media loves future predictions).
* Name some role-models in your profession that you respect the most as someone who is successful?

Now have a few of those answers in your back pocket and you are set in your focus towards salon marketing

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Creating The Present

When I think about all the great teachers, material and otherwise, that I have met in my life up to now (and recognizing one’s schools is a great asset), one stands apart.

She surpasses all others in her way. She is the kind of teacher who does not do the work for me. She does not give me all the answers immediately. She waits for them to resonate within, after the living process of comprehension has taken its time, unfolded and bloomed. She reveals only what I am ready to integrate.

She has boundless imagination. Her creativity never ceases to amaze me.

She is the artist we all wish to emulate. She is always changing, so free, and yet so consistent. She is deeply moral. She is considerate and compassionate. She comforts me yet she knows how to reflect undeniably my weaknesses back to me. She is extremely generous and I can tell you that she will take on as many students as would choose her as a teacher. She teaches without judgment, in an all-inclusive vision of oneness. No one is too young, too impetuous, too slow or too old.

She has never been unfair, untrue, ungiving to me or to any of her pupils. She deeply respects her own teachers and shares their wisdom with me. Oh! And her classes can be held anywhere, anytime, and she is always willing, always there, ready to lead me to better understanding. She knows enough to teach me for many lifetimes, yet is very humble. Her intention is truly respectful of my deepest mission and my rhythm.

I can work with her, play with her, pray with her, be silent and rejoice in her. She knows me very well and I am starting to know her a little. Sometimes as grace embraces us, we complete each other’s thoughts. She gives me the opportunity to explore life: thinking and marveling, doing and being, giving and receiving.

She has access to dimensions of my mystery that fascinate me and allow me to live what Goethe expressed so well when he wrote: “The greatest happiness for the person who thinks is to have explored the conceivable and to revere in peace the unknowable.”

Would you like the name of that marvelous teacher? Her phone number, maybe? No need. She is close at hand. Our own Earth Mother, Gaia, Mother Nature, is a teacher ever so wise, unveiling the answers in front of our eyes.

Become conscious now that you are one with this planet. You talk about it. You say, "I have my two feet firmly planted on the ground and yet you don’t seem to understand".

You have disguised her. You have rejected her. You have hidden her under tons of cement, asphalt and plastic. You have forgotten her in favor of gadgets, things often useless that can never bring happiness, peace or love.

And she loves us so much. So, children please make an effort to help her.

Simply become your Self.

Realize that what makes you special is the respect and tender loving care which you bring to all life. Nothing else really counts

Together we must create the present that prepares the future.