Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beaute de Maman Beauty Products For Pregnant Mothers

I believe a lady should appear graceful and vivacious even when they are pregnant

Now you may ask, what right does a guy have, in making such a statement

None, I agree.

However, I know that maintaining their appearance makes them feel great in the inside.

It is also a well-known fact that pregnant women can no longer use their normal beauty products as they may contain ingredients that might not be suitable for the foetus. Hence finding beauty products that are safe for both mother and fetus is essential

Now I have heard so much about Beaute de Maman - the beauty products that are safe for both mother and the fetus

So, having said that, pregnant mothers don't deprive yourself from looking good just because you can't use your normal beauty products!

They say that Beaute de Maman is made for moms and babies. Their products are even certified by obstetricians to treat problems related to the physiological and hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Believe it or not, even certain Hollywood actresses such as Jennifer Blanc have certified using Beaute de Maman while they were carrying.

In short, Beaute de Maman offers botanical, natural and safe ingredients for stretch marks, acne-prone face, body blemishes, and nipple mastitis during breast feeding. Most importantly, they say and claim that all these products have been tested not on animals, but on humans and they have been proven safe by pregnant people. So, this means, these ingredients will not harm the foetus.

You can order now and check their labels and packaging.

If you'd like to try, you can order now ...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How To Make Snowball Table Decorations

Snowballs make wonderful table decorations and you can make them using white Styrofoam balls. White Styrofoam balls come in all sizes. They come in 1" 1.5" 2" 2.5" 3" and 4 inches. You can either get them from Wal-Mart, JoAnns Fabric, or any craft supply store. A package of a dozen Styrofoam ball come for approximately 2 to 3 dollars depending on its size or where you buy them from. The job is moderately easy for anyone who is interested in craft and room d├ęcor.

To make some snowball table decorations, you would need;

One large sheet of thick cardboard
Craft string
One roll of wax paper
One bottle of water-soluble craft glue
Some white clay
One box of tacks
One can of spray fixative
Some glitter
Some Styrofoam balls
Some drawings of snowflakes

Step 1
Roll some pieces of white clay about 1/4-inch thick, and smooth them around the foam balls.

Step 2
Press in two small blue beads for the eyes and make the eyebrows with small pieces of rolled clay. Then make some different shaped mouths using the eraser end of a pencil.

Step 3
Cut a circle large enough to wrap around the Styrofoam ball and apply some tacky glue on the Styrofoam ball. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 4
Starting with the bottom tier of the snowball tree; arrange the 3-inch Styrofoam balls in a ring on a flat, newspaper-covered surface with hot glue. Make the glue contact points on the inside of the ring. Use the 2-inch balls to make the second tier ring. Hot glue the ring to the bottom tier making sure to center the second ring on top of the first one. Do the same for the remaining tiers; reducing the number of the size of the balls for each tier.

Step 5
Top off your snowball tree with a final 4 inch ball at the top. Give the entire tree a coat of white glue thinned with a little water to make it easier to brush on. Place the glued tree onto a large sheet of newspaper and sprinkle liberally with white glitter and/or artificial snow flakes. Allow to dry.

Step 6
When the glue has dried, place the snowball tree on a framed mirror and place in the center of your table. Fill the inside cavity of the tree with the 50-lite string of twinkle lights and allow for the cord to run off the table. A white extension cord will make this an easy task.

Step 7
Hang small ornaments using stick pins onto the balls of the tree. Arrange related figurines around the base. Complete the tableau by sprinkling additional glitter and artificial snow around the base of the tree and other decorations.

Try not to give much importance on making the batting perfectly smooth, as the imperfections will make your snowballs look more realistic

Use large spherical paper lanterns as they make wonderful snowball table decorations.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love - Start In The Right Direction

What is the secret of a healthy relationship?

A good relationship first begins with YOU.

This works more efficiently when two partners are focused on a goal of keeping their relationship better than ever before.

A lot of relationships have begun so well only to end in disaster. Ever wonder why this happened?

This is mainly because, couples have the tendency to take each other for granted and as a result have become more negligent of each other over the years and months they have been together. This is not how a relationship should progress. In a way as the relationship grows old, it should be viewed in a mature perspective. In other relationships it is not correct to say that relationships grow old, but it should be said “as the relationship matures”.

In most cases, love that has the hottest beginning has the coolest end. In other words, love does not develop over time.

While it is true that there can be a love at first sight, it depends on the partners how to maintain and sustain that love they have felt from the start.

It is important that partners work together in achieving their goal of making the relationship works for them. It is definitely a combined effort and a shared endeavor. Part of every great relationship is setting common goals, then figuring out a way to work together to accomplish these goals. This gives couples a sense of purpose and direction. It also teaches couples how to work together, making their relationship stronger and more rewarding.

This takes a great deal of focus, commitment, and compromise, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Actually, this concept is not limited to only relationships, but applies to other aspects of life such as work and career.

Remember, when you really love yourself, you cannot help wanting to give some of your love away. You must learn to be alone and happy before you can be together with someone else and still be happy. Your happiness always depends upon how you feel when you are alone.

So, when you want a great love partner, become a great love partner. Sharing love with someone must only and always begin with YOU

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Social Media Marketing Optimization For Business

Social media optimization (SMO) is a process of creating publicity through online methods, communities and websites. In other words, social media marketing is the use of social networks, blogs, online communities, wikis or any two-way media for marketing, PR, sales, public relations and customer service.

Social media marketing can apply to all types of businesses from marketing of hotels to auto dealer advertising. People today frequent numerous websites that act as a social media optimization platform. The videos that are uploaded on these portal like YouTube or other sites that offers blogging facilities, forums and discussion teams further increases the effect of the SMO service.

The main objective of these platforms is to promote products, services or ideas among the people worldwide. This service also operates the methods of social book marking, videos and sharing and blogging of photos. It is an amazing service that gives the guidelines to the websites as how it can reap the maximum benefits. In Internet marketing, you need to pay attention to every detail of how you plan to market your business over the Internet. The wrong processes waste time and money.

This process should include a predefined social media optimization (SMO) strategy. The SMO is a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) methods. It is easy to assume that SMM is simply setting up social networks and marketing. Although this is part of the process, social networking is not all that is involved in social media marketing. It is suggested that you have a website and a blog. You need to search engine optimize any personal resources prior to SMM. You need a second set of keywords that do not conflict with your personal virtual properties, though compliment your efforts. Content is key to this offsite marketing process, therefore blogs, articles, comments, discussions, images, videos, link etc. In short everything SMM needs to correspond with the SEO.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a popular alternative for online business branding. The most common social media networks are Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and LinkedIn in addition to many others. They are valuable Internet marketing and networking resources for business. On the other hand, there are 5 major issues involved with diving into SMM without the proper knowledge and strategies. These can "make" or "break" your success in social media marketing.

If you choose to do your own search engine optimization and social media marketing, then you need to have a proper online branding strategy

Summarizing, although search engine optimization and social media marketing,
appear to be easy on the surface; it is not a simple process. Hence, your online marketing strategies should include both search engine optimization and social media marketing that in turn create a process called social media optimization.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What Parents Should Need to Know About Teen Dating

Although their peers could have a major influence, it is the parents and families who should have the final say in a teens dating life

It is families, who can either provide support or add stress to their teenage lives. Teenage girls who are involved in dating and are surrounded by domestic violence at home (in other words, who watch their parents continually fighting) are likely to have a low self esteem as a result of this violence. Then there are those girls who begin dating early and who have strict and emotionally distant parents are likely to be depressed.

This just goes to show how families can be a great support to their teens dating lives. Surveys show that teenage girls with warm, strong relationships with their mothers and who were not involved in steady dating ended up with higher grades than their romantically involved classmates

Ways to Discuss Dating with Teens

Parents can use their knowledge in the pitfalls of dating during the teen years, to discuss dating with youngsters. Some suggestions on how to reach out and communicate with teens about dating are mentioned below:

• The most important issue here is that you ought to make sure that you are building a caring and supportive relationship with your teen. In other words, this relationship will serve as a role model for the relationships that she or he will have with friends and future romantic partners.
• It is obvious that when your teenager feels loved and supported, the chances are that it will open the lines of communication and trust.
• It is important to build and preserve this trust. Just remember that it will take a long time to regain any lost trust. The moment you lose the teens’ trust, it will take a lot of effort to rebuild those channels of communication.
• Explain to them the biological, social, and emotional changes that are taking place in their system during adolescence. It is obvious that teenagers are interested in knowing about maturity (growth spurts and the male and female biological differences) and they enjoy applying this information to real life.
• Sit down and talk with them and take time out to find out about information on your teen’s friends and schedule of daily events through their conversation. This is a great way to learn about their network as well as what is important to them and their friends.
• Tease your teen with tentative, open-ended questions about potential romantic interests. Use casual but active listening methods. Avoid forcing the issue, if it embarrasses them.
• Another important issue is to take care to not to embarrass your teen by expressing information that they share with you in confidence.
• Make a point to discussing your own relationship and experiences with your teen. Try and differentiate a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. If you happen to be in a significantly strong relationship, try and let it serve as a role model for a healthy relationship behavior to your youngster.
• Just remember that talking about romantic relationships with preteens or early adolescents will not make them more likely to date.
• Try and clear any relationship myths that they may have been exposed to by their colleagues or the media, by exposing your early adolescent relationship situations
• Ask your teen to think carefully about dating and whether they feel pressured to date; whether they know what dating should be like and try and share what you know about the research in a caring and casual way.
• Try and watch with them their favorite television programs, particularly those that involve teens having romantic relationships. Refrain from commenting during the show and take time for discussion after the show is over. (For example ask your teen, “How might that situation really end up?”, “What is healthy/unhealthy about this relationship?”, or “What overall message do you get from this episode about teen relationships?”).
• Share with your teen the advantages of dating later in adolescence so as to date with an optimistic attitude.
• Be willing to support your older teen’s efforts to date, unless there appears to be a threat of psychological or physical harm.
• Another point to remember is that your teen’s identity as well as sexuality are still being formed and as a result may be fragile. Avoid letting your values dictate your teen’s sexual identity. Sexual minority (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered) youth usually face much confusion and difficulty during this time and need their parents support.
• Inform your teen about the rules (and consequences) you’ve set on dating and why—the appropriate age, age of partner, curfews, who they’ll be with, and contact information. Make sure to follow through with expectations and consequences.
• Pay attention to the “double standard.” Do you set different dating rules for your son and your daughter? For example, even though your early maturing 14-year-old son appears more confident and ready to date exclusively than his slightly older teenage sister, he still faces the risks of early dating (risk behaviors & poor academic performance).
• Have positive ways to handle family conflict.
• Be flexible and willing to listen to your teen’s viewpoint and negotiate, without giving up your parental authority. Being too strict may lead teens to rebel by making poor dating choices or engaging in other risky behaviors.
• Encourage your young adolescent (13-15 years old) to go on group dates without your direct supervision (however, trustworthy adults should be present) such as a movie matinee, cultural/educational events, mall-shopping, a theme park visit, an outdoor activity, or a field trip.

Overall, it’s important to:

Provide a safe and secure base for your teen to communicate with you openly about their dating relationships and guide your teen with frank questions to think about their own expectations and values in their relationships. Lastly also try and share your own wisdom about relationships with your teen.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Calculate Work Measurement

Work measurement is used to identify and estimate the time-period or duration of a job, using various methods. In other words, work measurement is applying identified methods to evaluate the time taken for an experience worker/ technician to complete a specific job at an optimum level of performance. We know that the total time to manufacture a product is increased when you add undesirable features to the product, bad operational processes and ineffective time management between the management and workers. As a result this leads to low productivity.

Work measurement is concerned with investigating, reducing and eliminating effective time whatever may be the cause. Once ineffective time shows up in a series of processes and operations, it can be separated and removed using work measurement. Setting standards of performance are attainable only if all avoidable ineffective time is eliminated and work is performed by the best method available.

Although there are many methods by which work can be measured, the below methods are the most popular ones.

1. Time study
2. Activity sampling
3. Timing
4. Synthesis from standard data
5. Predetermined motion time system (PMTS)
6. Estimating
7. Analytical estimating
8. Category estimating
9. Comparative estimating

Time study
The time taken to complete a specific job under defined conditions. The data is then taken and analyzed so as to estimate the time necessary to complete the job at an optimum performance level.

Activity sampling
Random observations of the workers are made at random times by an observer so as to identify what the workers are doing during these periods.

The work is timed using a watch or computerized electronic study board and observation times are noted. The time pace is then computed by the observer and then basic time frames are set for specific jobs. These time frames would then be compared with the time taken by a trained and experienced worker to complete the same job under similar conditions.

Synthesis from standard data
Observed information is fed into the computer to generate mathematical formulae for identifying the time taken to complete a process. Useful methods as variables can be changed to get new results with each project.

Predetermined motion time system (PMTS)
PMTS uses measurement units in 0.00001 of an hour or ten thousands (0.0001) of one minute. These can be used to compute short cycles of work that takes about one minute to complete

Estimating consists of three types - Analytical estimating, category estimating and comparative estimating.

Analytical estimating
Depends on the findings and experience of the estimator. Using his experience and estimating the work content, he provides an educated guess of the time needed for completing the job.

Category estimating
This requires some experience as well as a good know-how about the job. Generally, estimators provide range estimates which are computed statistically, rather than providing probable analytical estimates

Comparative estimating
This is another form of range estimation. Generally, the work that is to be estimated is compared with similar jobs, until the best fir is found.

These are the dominant factors that are used to calculate work measurement.