Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Fit Bathroom Taps

Installing a bathroom tap is a rather simple task. However, you should have basic plumbing skills such as knowing how to turn off and turn on the water as and when required. It not only saves you time but also money. As most taps come in the same sizes, it is likely that a good number of them are compatible with most baths.

Tools required;

Adjustable Spanners
Pipe cutters

Steps Towards Fitting a Bathroom Tap;

Firstly, remember to switch off the hot and cold water supply and your boiler as well. Then, open the taps and drain out all water from the pipes. After that, disconnect the flexible connectors (if you have one) or cut the supply pipes. Next disconnect the drainage pipes.

Assemble the new taps as directed by the manufacturer. The most important aspect is to ensure that the diameter of the new tap is a perfect fit for the hole of the old tap. Simply, lift out the old taps and lower in the new bath taps while ensuring that the washers are perfectly positioned.

Once the new taps have been fitted into the tap holes, ensure that the pipes are a perfect fit and that the plastic connector that comes with the tap has been tightened well.

Next step is to re-connect the water supply pipes. Use flexible connectors while connecting supply pipes as it comes useful if any adjustment in positions is required in the future. Double check the washer on the flexible connector and also re-connect the drainage pipes to the waste system.

Finally, check for leaks on the flexible connector, as well as the drainage pipes.


When you plan to buy bath taps, you ought to consider the design to suit the decor of the bathroom.

It is advisable to fit isolating valves to both hot and cold pipes for maintenance purposes. While switching on your water supply, switch on one isolator at a time so as to check for leaks.

There could be air blocks and dirt packets in the pipe supply and running the water for some time would help release this. Clean it with some soap solution and you are ready to go.


It is very important that a qualified electrician checks your wiring so as to ensure that all copper wiring is earth bonded.

Also try to be careful while tightening screws on any ceramic items. Do not over tighten and always use a hand held screwdriver so as to avoid any damage that a power drill might inflict.

You may have to drill holes into your bath if you plan in fitting a new bath tap and in which case a little more planning may be required.


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