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Japan Travel Safety Tips

As a peaceful and neutral nation, Japan enjoys a reputation for being one of the safest countries in Europe and in the world. Travelers can take comfort knowing that Japan has one of the lowest unemployment rates as well as a very high standard of living. However, contemporary Japan although complete with skyscrapers, traffic jams and air pollution, has the usual problems like any modern state. Hence, travelers are advised to observe basic travel safety tips during the stay in this wonderful country.

Japan is the third largest economy in the world and it has a GDP of around $35K by purchasing power, so traveling to Japan is relatively safe. However, people traveling to Japan should still take precautions when going around the different cities. Despite Japan having a low crime rate, there are gangs, prostitutes and pickpockets who are ready to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists, especially in heavy tourist spots such as public transportation sites and parks. Hence, it’s better to take a taxi than to take a stroll at night, especially if you are alone. Also be careful of motorcycle gangs as you are walking since they have been known to snatch purses and handbags from unknowing and innocent pedestrians.

Japanese youth generally show positive attitudes towards you, although from others there is a certain type of indifference. Many people coming to Japan wonder if the Japanese are racist and cold to westerners. The answer is that Japanese racism is in almost all cases is NEVER HOSTILE towards anyone. It is very unlikely that you may find any skinhead thugs or people in white sheets in Japan.

Whatever said and done, travelers must try and remember these things:

Always plan your travel in advance. Research and read about the place you’re heading to. Search about it on the Internet or read the travel magazines. You can even join forums to discuss your views.

The most important thing that you must keep in mind is your own safety. Things such as a first aid kit would go a long way if you are faced with any injuries while traveling. Also keep few medicines handy for precaution because you cannot rely on anyone for help during an emergency. You also don’t need any inoculations to enter Japan from anywhere in the world. If you are taking prescription medication, you should take it with you along with a copy of the prescription. Bring only what you need for the duration of your trip. While it is possible to buy prescription drugs in other countries, it is better that you come prepared so you don’t have to worry about your health maintenance during your vacation or trip. Japan also imposes very strict penalties for drug users and drug carriers and distributors.

Tap water is safe to drink, just about anywhere in Japan. However, it is prudent to have a back-up containing bottled water or mineral water.

Japan has among the best medical facilities in the world so you don’t have to worry if something unforeseen does happen to you, during your trip. However, it is recommended that you ensure that your travel insurance is updated. Travel insurance policy can provide a great help when you don't have enough money to spend on the medical treatment and expenses on hospital bills.

As there are plenty of airline companies that provide air-tickets to Japan, a traveler has the choice to select the best option. Alternately, go online and compare prices to get the best rate.

Arrange for the passport and visa in advance to avoid any kind of delay in the journey. You can also contact the travel agents to make your trip comfortable. You can book your tickets online by visiting the websites of airlines.

Make sure that you pack your baggage carefully to avoid any kind of problems during the journey. List of all requirements should be made so that you don't miss anything. Over weight luggage can become a hurdle while traveling. Hide your valuables. Don’t invite muggers to come and get you. Don’t wear too much jewelry outside the streets. Use inexpensive accessories.

There is no need to carry cash. It is always safer to use electronic cards for transactions. Credit cards and debit cards can be used for shopping purpose. Never buy heavy things which you can't carry. Basically, take just enough cash. Keep in mind to use a money belt when traveling. This cuts down the chances of having your purse, money and other valuables stolen. Limit the amount of cash you carry for the day and opt to pay with traveler’s checks, which can easily be replaced. Although traveler’s checks and credit cards are good, you might want to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket with local currency.

Try and make online reservations with the nearest hotels and restaurants. Lodging in hotels and resorts can sometimes cost a lot.

Always, take a road map of the city and try and learn to read them. These maps can assist you greatly, if you haven’t been to a place before. It is advised no to rely too much on a taxi driver, but instead it is better to take the public transportation. The buses and trains are reliable so you shouldn’t have a problem getting around.

Try learning the basics of the Japanese language. Also study the most common words that you would likely ask a local. The Japanese are very hospitable and will go to any extent to help you despite their little knowledge of the English language. However, don’t be under the misapprehension that if you talk slower or louder in English, the Japanese will finally understand you!

Never be shy in asking directions, particularly in Japan. But be careful in whom you ask. In other words, don’t ask a complete stranger, but instead ask your receptionist or waiter and get the complete info. Try and dress suitably. In other words, don’t wear something that singles you out from the rest of the crowd as a tourist. Basically, the less attention you get the better.

Books are the best companion of loneliness. If you don't like reading novels then magazines are other choice. You can carry the reading material and can keep yourself busy during the journey. It's better to avoid relying on strangers from the safety point of view and reading habit can make your boring journey interesting. Listening music can also be a good option.

If you are out sightseeing, it is highly recommended that you carry some personal identification with you at all times. If questioned by the local authorities, you may need to be able to present some ID, either a driver’s license or your passport. Keep your ID and your cash and credit cards secure with you at all times. Also remember that in many establishments, the credit card receipt will print your entire credit card number. Keep your duplicate copies with you securely.

To make your traveling interesting you can indulge in exciting things like trekking, mountaineering etc. Activities which give you pleasure should never be missed.

Another important point to remember is that be prepared to head into a restroom stall and find the urinal on the floor, without a toilet paper in most cases. Get used to the fact that slippers are lined up for at the entrance to a tatami room and that you won’t get a California roll at a sushi restaurant.

Lastly, enjoy your travel and try making friends with the locals. Meet up with locals, talk with them over a meal in a restaurant or bar. Get their addresses and keep in touch with them by sending them a greeting or thank-you card. You could perhaps be their host when they visit your country. Always keep your confidence up and boost your morale before starting your journey alone.

These are some of the safety tips to keep in mind while traveling in Japan. Following these tips will help ensure that your stay in Japan will be safe and hassle free.

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Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is now popular than ever as they are around fifty to sixty percent cheaper than similar surgeries conducted in the USA or Europe. Cosmetic surgery which at a point was only available to wealthy people is now fast becoming available to the general public. Thailand plastic surgery packages are one of the primary reasons for this. With their affordable priced procedures cosmetic surgery holidays Thailand is fast becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery and holiday destinations around the globe.

What is Cosmetic Surgery ?

According to, cosmetic surgery is defined as a type of surgery that is used to enhance a person’s physical form or appearance. The term plastic surgery however, is used to define a type of surgery that is dedicated to enhance beauty. It is also used to define reshaping normal structures so as to improve the patient’s self esteem and appearance. Cosmetic surgery can also be used to reconstruct any physical abnormalities caused during birth or due to tumors or age. In contrast to the above, reconstructive plastic surgery is used to do any reconstructive procedures such as neck and head reconstruction, hand or breast reconstruction

Thailand plastic surgery packages

Thailand is one of the amazing places in the world for a holiday – the shopping malls, the culture, food, climate combined with the marvelous beaches all makes it a great holiday spot. Combining this with cosmetic surgery makes t Thailand plastic surgery packages a fabulous deal.

It is also well known that Thailand is an affordable holiday vacation spot, affordable even to the common man. Hence most tourists tend to recoup after their plastic surgery at a beautiful tropical holiday destination in Thailand. There are also many reputed medical tourism firms who would only be pleased to offer guidance to any interested client.

There are many travelers who come under the category of medical tourism visiting Thailand for cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand. Thailand plastic surgery packages are far cheaper compared to what it would cost in countries like the Europe and USA and besides, Thailand is the perfect place to recover after a surgery. A tropical Thailand plastic surgery package offers a prospective client the best locales with the finest hospitals who have enough well-trained staff to look after a patient during their exotic Thailand cosmetic surgery holiday.

Medical Tourism

Thailand is now expanding its tourism sector into a totally new niche called medical tourism. Cosmetic medical tourism is not a new phenomenon in Thailand. It is nothing but traveling to an overseas or foreign location to acquire medical treatment. This is combined with a holiday package thereby coining the word medical tourism. Actually, medical tourism is not something recent as it is believed that the ancient Greeks and European traveled abroad for health and relaxation.

One of the main reasons that people leave their home country and seek affordable medical treatment or cosmetic surgery elsewhere is because of the cost. And Thailand is top of the list because of the quality, variety of service available and the comparatively low prices. Another reason is that in the last few years, people who visited Thailand on holiday did a quick plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery and returned looking younger and refreshed. Soon the word spread about how cheap and good source were the Thailand plastic surgery packages and subsequently it established itself as one of the primary medical tourism spots.

Furthermore, many of Thailand’s leading hospitals have received certification from the International Organization for Standardization. Nevertheless, it is better to ask the agent who is arranging the medical tour to identify a suitable and reputed hospital thereby easing any reservations that the patient might have. Gradually the number of people traveling to Thailand for a cosmetic surgery has increased and cosmetic surgery in Thailand is now popular than ever.

Cosmetic Surgery Thailand - Pro and Cons

Traveling to unfamiliar, non-English speaking countries like Thailand for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery can seem daunting at first. It can also be very risky without sufficient knowledge and expertise. It is important to ensure that the process is stress free and that there is maximum safety and assurance that the cosmetic surgery holidays and plastic surgeons meet the superior standards and western expectations.

Detractors of treatment abroad will say that the quality of care and safety standards in other countries, particularly third world countries like Thailand, are simply not as good as what you will find in the Western world. This is not particularly true. There are international agencies that regulate medical tourism, as well as companies that put together medical tourism packages only with approved and accredited doctors and hospitals. Many of Thailand’s physicians have received their degrees and post-degree training in North America and Europe. Thus, they are familiar with the quality of care expected by Western patients, and this helps assure patients that their treatment abroad will be of the same quality that they would receive in their home countries.

The standards of health care do vary from country to country, and each country has an accreditation and standardization system to ensure a basic level of care and quality. As medical tourism has increased, there are new international accreditation standards that maintain cross-border standards. The function of such agencies are that of a watch-dog; to ensure that you get the same quality of care when you travel for treatment abroad that you would get in your home country.

Ofcourse Thailand has many cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery practitioners due to the burst in cosmetic surgery in Thailand, but not all of them are reputable, genuine or qualified to suitable standards. Many surgeons offering cosmetic surgery in Thailand have poor English communication skills and may not be worth the risk if you are not familar with the medical industry or can speak the language. There are also dangers and serious risks involved if medical tourists do not carefully select high quality medical facilities and genuinely skilled cosmetic surgeons. Just as the quality of hospitals varies in your home country, it does in Thailand as well. Not all hospitals in any country are created equal, but it is possible to get Western quality health care in Thailand and this may be a more beneficial avenue to pursue than to get treatment in your home country.

However, Thailand has some outstanding medical facilities. Some of the very best hospitals and medical clinics in Asia are located in Bangkok. The Doctors are mostly trained in Western countries and continuously update their international training to include the latest procedures. As johncimble mentions in his many articles on HubPages regarding Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand that even scholarly institutions in the West are starting to pour cold water on theories that plastic surgery in Thailand is unsafe. The prestigious and world famous Harvard Business School stated that Thailand's infrastructure is more than sufficient for a number of thriving and safe cosmetic surgery facilities to operate successfully. And if you think that Thailand's improved medical facilities are a recent phenomenon, think again. The World Health Organization's last extensive rankings system in 2000 placed Thailand just 10 places behind the United States in terms of quality of healthcare system.

You will also soon come to find out that Thailand is a leader when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and even better is that the procedures are affordable, and in addition, the quality of care is excellent. For this reason, this is why Thailand is the most popular places to come for plastic/cosmetic surgery. Every year there are thousands of people that flock to Thailand to have some type of procedure done, which include surgery such as nose reductions to ear surgery. All in which are offered at inexpensive cost compared to the having the procedures preformed in the U.S or Europe.

Bangkok Plastic Surgery

Bangkok plastic surgery is highly advanced and the numerous hospitals and clinics in Thailand offer all conceivable procedures. The leading hospitals in Bangkok are modern and attended by professional, English-speaking staff who are trained in the latest techniques. Now the dream of quality safe and affordable Bangkok plastic surgery is a reality

The services that are offered in Thailand hospitals may vary in type but not in quality. Plastic surgery, Bangkok is offered by hospitals have services like face lifts, cheek and chin lifts and augmentation, Botox, forehead lift, breast implants, reduction and lifts, buttocks implantation, and you may even get sex change, Thailand in Bangkok hospitals. Similar is the case with cosmetic surgery, Phuket hospitals; their services include all types of face surgeries, body surgeries that includes breast implants, Phuket at lowest price ever, and also Liposuction for tummy tuck-in and hair implants. In short, the cosmetic surgery, Bangkok and Phuket are one of the best services that Thailand hospitals provide.

The services are also a part of the advantages the hospitals offers. There are many hospitals that offer plastic surgeries in the world but sex change, Thailand and breast implants, Phuket are top features that have made many eyes roll. Their policy to keep everything private and confidential is the biggest advantage for you. The Thailand hospitals offer many services, but the decision will be yours, that is plastic surgery, Phuket or cosmetic surgery, Bangkok. There is no difference in the services as all the plastic surgery hospitals will offer you the best.

Phuket and cosmetic surgery in Bangkok is available to people at low prices and they also give all the comfort to patients while their treatment. Considering them will be a boon to you, as their well-trained staff and professional nurses help you during your treatment. They have top cosmetic surgery, Phuket surgeon teams that consult you and give you the treatment that suits you. The customer will surely get what they want without regretting. The Plastic surgery, Bangkok and plastic surgery, Phuket hospitals offer low priced surgical and non-surgical treatments, best team of surgeons, best services and customer satisfaction

Visualize a cosmetic surgery in Phuket Thailand that restores the mind beauty & soul in a safe location and where patients can revitalize and refine their body in privacy and luxury. A Thailand cosmetic surgery recovery process combined with a Thailand plastic surgery package that includes white golden beaches, amazing cuisine, year round sunshine and traditional Thailand massage or spa to enhance the cosmetic surgery healing process. It would be truly relaxing. And wouldn’t it be even greater if the cosmetic surgery Thailand prices and a holiday of your dreams would cost only about one third the cost of the cosmetic surgery back home.

Plastic Surgery Holidays Thailand

While it is true that Thailand is among one of the top destinations to go to if you want to have cosmetic surgery, it is even a greater place to visit should you want to take a holiday and recoup after a plastic surgery. Thailand is also a beautiful place to visit and has many things to offer as you are recovering from after your surgery. Before the surgery and after, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a new culture that you might not otherwise have. So not only will your cosmetic surgery in Thailand change the way you and others see you, you can make your experience more enjoyable. A plastic surgery in Thailand holiday will make your hospital stay similar to staying in a five star hotel.

Plastic surgery in Thailand is a natural choice as patients can recuperate at one of the many tropical resorts.

In Thai cosmetic surgery clinics there are several procedures that are very popular: nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, hair transplantation, and breast reduction. Another cosmetic surgery that Thailand has gained recognition for the world over is sex change surgery - Thailand is the first choice for people who cannot get treatment at home for complex medical procedures.

Cosmetic surgery packages in Thailand typically include operative costs and post-operative care and accommodation. Plastic surgery in Thailand is affordable, excellent, and easy. Combine your cosmetic surgery with a holiday in Thailand and save money at the same time. Cosmetic surgery and aftercare in Thailand is affordable, with many doctors having studied medicine abroad in Europe or North America. Cosmetic surgeons in Thailand are well qualified with hospital staff and doctors well versed in English. They also provide you information and guidance in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures.

Thailand is a world leader in cosmetic surgery, and its affordable procedures and high quality care make it one of the most popular plastic surgery destinations around the globe. Here we are providing information to the prospective patients and/or their families about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures available to them. We provide you information and guidance in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures.

The Thailand plastic surgery center offers a full range of cosmetic plastic surgery services by prominent board certified plastic surgeons. Our partner for plastic surgery in Thailand is the most renowned center for cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Plastic surgery includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Thailand is the main hub for cosmetic surgery with JCI internationally accredited hospitals offering state-of-the-art technology and a high level of care. Not only a popular destination for cosmetic surgery, Thailand is also a favorite vacation spot offering sophisticated resorts that tend to guests every needs.

Plastic surgery is a treatment that can change your look and can give you new looks and features you always wanted. Look matters, and everyone knows that but if there is anything that you want to change in your look then cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is the answer. Thailand hospitals that offer plastic surgery, Phuket and Bangkok are places where you can get all the treatments to improve your looks. Thailand is a place well known for its beauty but not many know that there are some hospitals that provide best services for treating every type of disease or problem. The cosmetic surgery, Bangkok and Phuket are one of the best services that Thailand hospitals provide.

Plastic surgery in Thailand is a natural choice. Patients can recuperate at one of the many tropical resorts. More and more people from all over the world have opted for a holiday in Thailand combined with plastic surgery at prices considerably cheaper than what they would have to pay for the plastic surgery alone in their countries.

Value For Money

This is one of the reasons why plastic surgery in Thailand is appealing to more American citizens than ever before. They realize that having nose surgery in Thailand will cost them anywhere from fifty to seventy percent less than it will in the United States. With the aforementioned disintegration of the American healthcare system, there is no guarantee that the care US citizens receive at home is any better than what they will get during plastic surgery in Thailand. When you consider the fact that the Thai government are actively improving facilities on an almost daily basis, it is likely that a large number of American hospitals are not as clean as their Thai counterparts. With more than 1.2 million patients arriving from 190 countries worldwide to undergo plastic surgery in Thailand. The myths surrounding Thailand and dangerous medical practices have been well and truly shattered. The Thai government have seen the profound effect medical tourism is having on their country and have pledged to continue their impressive patronage when it comes to medical facilities and the training of new surgeons and other medical staff.

With a warm friendly ambience cosmetic surgery holidays in Thailand is affordable, enjoyable, confidential, and safe alternative to cosmetic surgery done in the US, UK or Australia.